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What is the Best Wood for Garden Furniture?

Common Wood Types Used for Garden Furniture

While teak is the most popular wood for making wooden garden furniture, there are many more types of wood that are commonly used for making garden furniture. Some of these include:
  • Teak wood
  • Pine wood
  • Oak wood
  • Iroko wood - the African Teak hardwood
  • Jatoba or the Brazilian Cherry wood
  • Shorea wood- a tropical hardwood
  • Sapele- an African species popular as an alternate to Mahogany wood

Garden Teak Furniture- The Best Wooden Garden Furniture

Garden Teak Furniture
Teak Garden Furniture
By far, teak garden furniture is the best wooden garden furniture. And why? Here are some of the reasons for this:
  • Teak garden furniture is very durable.
  • It is resistant to direct sunlight as well as rain.
  • It is resistant to termites.
  • It needs lowest maintenance and cleaning.
  • It doesn't attract dirt.
  • It is naturally waterproof and does not require oiling. If left untreated with oil or staining, teak furniture weather to anbeautiful silver Grey color.

Why Other Woods are Not Best for Garden Furniture?

This article contains a list of some common types of wood- other than teak- that are used for making wooden garden furniture but they have certain disadvantages when compared with teak.
  • Shorea wood is resistant to direct sunlight, rain, mold, insects and dirt and is also cheaper than teak but is not as durable as teak garden furniture.
  • Iroko wood is, however, almost as durable as teak, has resistance to harsh weather conditions as well as termites, and also needs little maintenance but it is not as stable as teak.
  • Oak and pine w
    ood garden furniture need higher maintenance and care than any of the wood discussed above. They are not capable of withstanding direct sunlight and rain and need protective covering. They also have to be frequently oiled and varnished.
Thus, in spite of being expensive than all the other woods used for making garden furniture, teak wood can be said to be the best wood for the purpose as once bought, they can last for decades to give you the value for your money.

Other than the best type of wood, there are other criteria too for selecting garden furniture. To know them, read Choosing Wooden Garden Furniture Effectively

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