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Taking Care of Your Outdoor Wooden Patio Furniture

 Outdoor Wooden Patio Furniture
Outdoor Wooden Patio Furniture
20 July 2010- Clean and well maintained outdoor wooden patio furniture is a major factor to enhance the beauty of your patio and home. Patio is a place where you sit with your family to relax and enjoy and if you have the grand outdoor wooden patio furniture there then nothing better than this.

Spring and summer is a time when people look for the outdoor patio furniture to enjoy the warm weather. Many prefer plastic or other furniture that needs less care. But people who want every thing just to be royal look for outdoor wooden patio furniture. All it needs is the care from time to time.

Tip on Taking Care of Your Outdoor Wooden Patio Furniture

  • When not in use cover your outdoor wooden patio furniture with the waterproof cover. This will save your time in taking care. Moreover the cover will protect it from the Sun that can lead to the discoloration of the same.
  • Make sure to apply sealant on wood furniture to make it weatherproof. Wooden furniture made from log cannot be sealed with sealant so you need a cover to cover it.
  • Before keeping the wooden furniture out in a specific season make sure to check it properly. Check if any part needs repair, sanding or resealing. Do this before using it. Like you can check the wooden patio table, sofas and other furniture.
  • Dirt should be regularly cleaned with a soft cotton cloth as any dust accumulation causes harm to the look and quality of furniture.
  • For longevity of the outdoor wooden patio furniture you can clean it two to three times a year. But make sure to dry it properly after this. There are many cleaning products in the market that can be used. But it is advisable to ask from the manufacturer as which product to choose. Different woods react to different products in its own way.
  • Never wash the outdoor wooden furniture with water as it will cause the deterioration of the wood.
  • In case your furniture gets wet then better to dry it in Sun.
  • Oiling the outdoor wooden patio furniture will keep the life of the furniture long. You can oil it several times a year.
  • Look for any loosen bolt or screw. You should check the hardware requirement now and then and make the necessary step to keep your outdoor patio wood furniture in a perfect shape.
  • Keep your outdoor wooden patio furniture either covered or inside during winter when it is not in use. Winters can break down the wood and with this cracks and splits may appear.
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