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Carved Wood Doors

Carved wood doors are the decorative doors that are made by the door designers or skilled craftsman by hand. With this art, two to three dimensional sculptures having floral figures and creepers, motifs, figures of deities etc are carved on the wood. Where ever these carved wooden doors are used these can change the entire look of that space by making it more appealing and royal. These are mostly used at the entrance, drawing room and dining room.

Wood carving is a creativity that incorporates several designs and dimensions ranging from traditional, floral, abstract to geometrical patterns. But the traditional styles on carved wood doors look exceptionally good.

Know the Type of Wood Used

While selecting the carved wood doors you must know that from which type of wood it has been made. The use of wood defines the extent of finishing. Carved wood doors are either made up of hardwood or softwood. Trees that have broad leaves and shed their leaves annually comes under the category of hardwood trees. In this comes the rosewood, sandalwood, teak, oak and walnut. Whereas softwood trees are evergreen and bear cones. In this comes the pine, fir and cedar trees. Most of the hand carved wood doors are made up of softwood as these are easy to carve. Hardwood is brittle so less used in wood carving although people prefer teak hardwood carved wood doors.

Carved Wooden Doors
To make carved wooden doors many types of tools like carving knives, chisels, gouges, rasps, grinding tools and V-tools are used.

These carved doors can be single or double. You can buy the one depending upon your choice.

Price Factors for Carved Wooden Doors

There is no fixed price for the carved wood doors as this depends upon the complexity of the wood carving, type of wood used, size of the door and wood carving details. The hand carved wood doors are higher on cost than the machine made. The cost can vary from $ 2000 to $10,000. More the carving more will be the price.

Types of Wood Carving on the Doors

Hand Carved Wood Doors are of four types depending upon the type of carving:
  1. Deep Carved Wooden Doors
  2. Shallow Carved Wooden Doors
  3. Lattice Work
  4. Semi-Carved Wood Doors
Hand Carved Wood DoorsCarved Wood DoorsDeep carving is the most expensive and approximately two inches deep. Floral and animal motifs are usually done in this type.

Shallow carving is mostly half inches deep and mythological themes are drawn in shallow carving.

Lattice work generally involves the cut work along with carving. The upper part of the door is given cut work whereas the lower is ornamented with carving. The lattice cut doors with carving are also popular for dining rooms. This looks really elegant.

Very thin panel is used to do semi-carving.

You can also get carved wooden home furniture, wooden cabinets, wooden mirror frames that are carved explicitly to look good.

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