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Save Environment with Eco Friendly Office Furniture

Eco Friendly Office Furniture We all have gone environmental friendly and now most of us buy eco-friendly wood home furniture, thanks to the awareness campaigns towards saving environment. However, environment is not only made of houses only. Offices- our work places- are also included in it. We spend a good deal of time at offices. Is it wise then, to make the office designs environmentally friendly? Of course, it is, but how to make our offices eco-friendly. Lets know it.
  • Always select wood office furniture- wood is naturally green office furniture. Buying eco-friendly desks, chairs, cabinets, space dividers, and other furniture is getting easier too with more and more manufacturers making eco friendly wood furniture with sustainable harvested woods and recycled, bio-based, or nontoxic materials.
  • Go for modular offices. They need lesser materials and as such do not contribute in cutting down a lots of trees. It also cuts down company’s expenditure.
  • Reuse furniture. If you discard some furniture like wooden desks at home, bring it to office. A little paint or repair can make it apt for odd uses at office. You can even buy used office furniture from those selling it. Browse through classifieds before buying any new furniture.
  • Buy local and reduce your contribution to the serious emissions from transport carriers.

  • If you are buying wooden office chairs or other furniture for new staff, calculate your requirement on the basis of your recruitment plans. Consider buying from wholesale office furniture suppliers. Buying them as and when staff is recruited will put pressure on environment through repeated freight forwarding. They will obviously be needed in the near future when more employees will come to office. Wholesale buying will also be cheaper by giving you a better deal through bargaining.
  • There are many types of wood- some grow slowly and others quickly. Select the furniture that is made from wood of trees that can be replanted and grown quickly. This will minimize the damage to the forests.
  • Get wooden sofa for office reception that is made of beautiful as well as durable varieties, such as bamboo. Bamboo is extremely sustainable and can be used in remodeling and building projects. Even cabinets made of bamboo are good for office use.
  • Ensure that you buy furniture that is made not only from sustainable wood but also with glues, paints, foams, and other ingredients that don't give off foul odors.
  • Don't support manufacturing processes that create emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from glues, stains, and wood finishes. Go for eco friendly solutions like powder-based finishing coats. They are not only VOC-free, but need less energy and create lesser waste.
  • Buy those furniture that are designed for disassembly. These furniture can be easily taken apart and fixed or recycled. You'll need lesser space to keep them in storage as well as while moving. Lesser space on transport vehicle mean lesser harmful emissions.
  • Use upholstery on furniture that is made from eco-friendly textile.

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