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How to Build a Simple Eco-Friendly Wood Desk

Wooden furniture is very common and as such the knowledge of wood work is common too. There are no hidden secrets about making wooden tables or wooden chairs. All you need is some tools, glue, nails, wood stain and of course some wood from among the many available types of wood. Initially, you may face certain difficulties but gradually if you keep on making wood furniture, you'll be a perfect craftsman! To start with, a simple wooden desk seems to be the easiest item that can be made without too much fuss. And if the desk is eco -friendly with the use of reclaimed wood, what's better than that? Here are the steps for making a simple and green wooden desk.

Required Materials

Eco Wooden Desk
  • Three pieces of wood (It's good if the wood is nice and heavy like cherry wood or walnut wood or any other reclaimed wood) measuring 3"x10"x5'. If you want to make it more simpler, get them cut from the reclaimed wood supplier according to your measurement.
  • Carpenter's glue
  • Tenons
  • Table legs
  • Hammer
  • Vice grips to remove nails
  • Sander
  • Circular or a table saw
  • Mortiser
  • Sander
  • Drill/screwdriver

Steps for Making Wooden Desk

  • Remove the nails from the reclaimed wood using hammer and vice grips.
  • Sand the wood with sander to make the edges of wood smoother.
  • Cut the corners with saw to give them 90 degree angles.
  • With the help of mortiser, cut some mortises or little holes in the wood pieces to join them with a tenon. Tenon is a wood-like stick that joins pieces of wood together. Decide the number of holes on the basis of the weight of wood- heavier the wood, more will be the number of holes.
  • Sand the surfaces to make them smooth and splinter free.
  • Attach the table legs with the help of screws.
  • Finish the table as per your choice. You can use penetrating resin, varnish or some wood stain to give the desk a nice finish.
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