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Use Environmentally Friendly Green Furniture & Upholstery

Environmentally Friendly Decor
Environmentally Friendly Decor
27 May 2010- Its high time now that you and me understand the importance of environmentally friendly decor. Rising global warming and decreasing resources have already played havoc on our planet and it must be understood by each one of us that eco friendly activities and things can only save our earth. So, how can you do environmentally friendly decor? Its very simple- just use green furniture and upholstery.

How to do Eco Friendly Decor?

Renewable materials, natural fibers, toxin-free finishes, non toxic paints, and low-emission products are the keywords for an environmentally friendly decor. To be green, we have to renovate, remodel, and redecorate our homes with eco friendly furniture that have eco friendly upholstery on them.

Buy Green Furniture

Although wood furniture is naturally environmentally friendly, you must take care to buy the actual green furniture. Solid wood furniture is eco friendly. Avoid buying furniture made of plywood or particle board lumber (it contains formaldehyde and emit toxic gasses). Solid wood should not only be preferred for furniture but also for molding, doors, cabinets, kitchen island, tabletops and fireplace mantel. Buying furniture made of reclaimed wood is also a good option for environmentally friendly decor.

Recycle Wood Furniture

When you reuse and remodel your old furniture, you are recycling and putting lesser pressure on already limited resources. Refinish or repaint old furniture, moldings, doors, and floor boards. For decorating aspect, you can use ornamental hardware.

Buy Natural Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery

There are many natural fabrics that are eco friendly too. And if you think that cotton, bamboo or hemp fabrics are non glamorous, just once check them at some home furnishing store and you will be amazed to see and feel their beauty and soft touch.

Buy Eco Processed Upholstery Fabrics

Many big names in home furnishings now take steps to minimize petroleum-based foam in upholstery cushions and replace it with energy-efficient alternatives like soy and corn based foam and fibers. There is no compromise on quality or comfort while these are manufactured through eco friendly processes. Read the "Eco-Friendly Construction" details on labels while buying upholstery. Some of the upholstery manufacturers even sell these eco friendly fabrics without added expense as their contribution to make our planet some more green. These were only few ways for adopting environmentally friendly decor. Think of some more unique ways of eco friendly decor so that you may also feel proud to save earth in your own humble ways!

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