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Wooden Furniture Care Tips

21 April 2010- This is a known fact that if wood furniture has to be given a long life, their proper care must be taken. Daily dusting and cleaning is needed but not sufficient for proper wood furniture care. Wood is affected by environment such as humidity, temperature and light. The following furniture care tips will help understanding how to take care of wooden furniture.

Furniture Care Tips for Saving Wood from Heat

Heat, especially sun rays (UV rays) affect wooden furniture badly. Not only the wood finish cracks due to sun rays but they also affect wood by going deep resulting into hairline splits and more wider cracks on wooden furniture surface. It is therefore advisable to keep these wood furniture away from sun as far as possible. If any furniture piece has to be placed beside windows from where direct sunrays enter, care should be taken for proper arrangement of curtains, blinds, shades, or UV window protection. Outdoor wooden furniture, when not in use, can be kept covered with heat resistant protective cover to avoid destruction caused by direct sunlight.

Furniture Care Tips for Saving Wood from Humidity & Temperature

Sun rays lead to dryness and cause wood to crack. On the other hand, moisture is absorbed by wood and leads to swelling of wooden furniture. It might seem an exaggerated statement but wood is safe in a temperature in which a human being feels comfortable. The following tips will save your wooden furniture from extreme climate conditions.

Furniture Care Tips for Wood Finish

Know what type of wood finish does your wooden furniture has. This will let you know the technique of polishing needed for them.
Caring for Wooden Furniture
Caring for Wooden Furniture

Furniture Care Tips for Wood Polishing

Try to polish your wood furniture twice a month ( if not possible, at least make it once in a month). However, avoid using such polish that contains silicone, ammonia or alcohol as they can permanently damage your wood furniture surface. Rather try to use homemade polish by mixing one part lemon oil with three parts olive oil. For regular cleaning of wooden furniture, use a mild soap like diluted mixture of hand soap and water.

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