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Budget Home Decorating Ideas

March 19, 2010- Home decoration is a dream of everyone. Who doesn't want to decorate home in style? However, not everyone can afford to buy expensive and luxurious furniture and decorative items. That doesn't mean that a home can not have a tasteful decoration! Here are some cheap decorating ideas that you can call decorating on a budget. All you have to do is to balance the high end and low end decorating pieces to create a well integrated and polished look for your home. Here is how you can do it!'

Money Saving Dining Table Set- If you want to have a very fine dining table that is also expensive, you need not to buy a whole dining set. Buy a dining table that is moderately good and fits in your budget. Then buy bargain dining chairs (you can also try stools) that go well with your table. You can find these money saving chairs in flea markets or find them on 'sale.' Now decorate the table with a vase that can be an antique reproduction with some fresh flowers, use some colorful cloth napkins and table runners and your decorative dining table set is ready in about half the price of a full dining set!

Decorating Treasures from Thrift Stores- Thrift shops and discount stores are a real treasure for they stock unusual items for decorating home! It would be a great budget decorating idea to bring some old pictures from these stores and frame them with some really beautiful picture frames to decorate living room walls. You can even get some furniture in these stores. However, before buying them, just check whether they are in good condition or not. To make yourself aware, read some tips on how to buy wood furniture?

Home Decorating Ideas
Home Decorating Ideas
Decorating Ideas with Candles- What could be a more money saving decorating idea than candles? And if they are scented candles, better for your home decoration! Buy tea candles not only because they are cheap but also because they are the safest and burn clean without any residue or wax drips. Place each of the candle in a candle holder or design glassware that you got from the thrift store. Now line them up or group them at places like window sill, end table etc.

Visit a Salvage Shop for Budget Decorating- Decorating in salvage style, where you add a hint of architecture to your home decor is also trendy. Find some of them in a salvage shop (that are more or less like the thrift stores regarding costs with a difference in things they sell). While a thrift store will sell you home decorating accessories like a wooden sofa, fabrics, dishes etc. a salvage shop will sell you salvage materials like old pillars, bath tubs, wrought iron fencing or terracotta tiles that have been removed from other residences. Thus, you can paint a salvaged window and use it as a mirror frame to make a beautiful wall hanging or use old baskets as magazine racks to hold books, magazines, and other paper accessories. Let your imagination loose and think of such more salvage style home decorating ideas.

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