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How to Buy Wood Furniture

Extra ordinary good looking furniture sometimes does not last long on the other hand well seasoned simple looking wooden furniture not only last long but also easy to maintain. So why this happen that some wood furniture are strong and durable and others are not. Seasoning along with type of wood are the key factors behind this. Along with this there are many other elements that should be considered while buying the wood furniture. Read this handy wood furniture buying guide and check out tips on how to buy wood furniture.

Decide Your Budget

This should be the first step to buy wood furniture for your home. Define your budget and try not to exceed that. While shopping for the wood furniture if you come across something that costs more than your estimated budget then better to check if you can afford that or not by keeping all other expenses in mind.

Ask for the Species of Wood

There are many species of trees that are used to make wood furniture but Oak, Cherry, Maple and Pine are the best to choose from. Also there is Mahogany hardwood to make very durable furniture. Buy Wood FurnitureIt has deep reddish-brown color and very rare. This makes it bit expensive. Dining table, chairs and other furniture of this wood last a lifetime and a very good investment. People choose dining room furniture and living room furniture made from this wood. Consider buying wood furniture made up of teak wood for the your garden or out door spaces as it does not twist or swell much when wet. You teak wood outdoor furniture will not only look good but also last longer.

Type of Wood Furniture Finishing

Wood finish is an extra protective coat over the wood to increase the life of the furniture. With the finishes, wooden furniture become less susceptible to humidity, temperature and season change. Now how the finishing is done makes the difference in the type of wood finishing. Based on this there are two categories of wood furnishing. The first one is wipe-on, spray-on and brush-on and the second is film forming, penetrating or absorbing wood finishes. Also there are water based and oil based wood furniture finishes. The wood furnishing material that form the film over the surface of the wood is best for wooden furniture as they neither penetrate the wood nor allow other elements to penetrate. These can be wood varnish, polyurethane, lacquer finishes and shellac finishes.

Selection of Hardwood and Softwood

Hardwood and softwood has different appearance and properties. Hardwood is more durable and expensive than the softwood furniture. Although softwood wood furniture is cheaper than hardwood but does not last long. Ash, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Teak, Walnut, and Mahogany are hardwood whereas Cedar, Cypress, Pine and Fir make the category of softwood. Go for the hardwood furniture if you can afford that.

Buy Wood Furniture According to Your Need

This is one of the basic thing that a buyer will have to consider. Furniture for dining room is different from wood furniture for entertainment. Also outdoor furniture is different from kids room furniture. So you will have to check your requirement before buying wood furniture.

Dust Proofing

This is one of the most important aspects as it does not allow dust to penetrate into wood and thus gives life to the wood furniture. Buy furniture that has dust proofing done on it.

Style of the Wood Furniture

Buying any style depends upon the type of decor you want. You can buy traditional wood furniture, contemporary, casual, cottage style furniture, art and craft furniture and formal wood furniture. There are many brands like IKEA, Thomasville or Pier 1 giving their buyers the wonderful range of furniture.

Traditional furniture is very heavy and solid.
Contemporary furniture has clear lines and not that artistic. It is made up of bold colors.
Casual wood furniture is for relaxation and render softness to the entire environ.
Cottage style furniture is made by mixing many other styles. So if you are looking for something charming and romantic then go for the cottage style wooden furniture.

Hope these wood furniture buying tips will help you in buying the perfect wood furniture.
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