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Kitchen Remodeling Tips- Kitchen Plans and Ideas

March 12, 2010- Kitchen remodeling is one of the most desirable home improvement projects. Due to the immense interest of kitchen designers and also kitchen remodeling contractors (all due to the demands of you and me- the general home dwellers), one could find numerous kitchen designs, all unique in their own respects. However, you have to keep your eyes and ears (as well as your mind and creativity) open to get some great kitchen remodeling ideas so that your �well thought of� kitchen plan can further inspire people for their kitchen renovation! Here are some kitchen remodeling tips to help you with your kitchen plans.

Basic Kitchen Plans

Before you remodel a kitchen, you have to chalk out your plan for your kitchen makeover according to your home's requirement. This is essential for both- for controlling your kitchen remodel cost and for getting the most essential kitchen fittings that will be really helpful in your day to day living. Answer some questions about your kitchen remodelling project and jot them down on a paper.
  • What new kitchen fixtures and fittings will you need? Kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinets, sink, kitchen flooring, lighting- do they all have to be new or some of the existing kitchen accessories will do?
  • Whether you are going for a full-scale kitchen remodel or for only a surface-level kitchen makeover?
  • What kind of kitchen remodeling services do you want and how these can be adjusted in your alloted kitchen remodeling budget? Whether you need a kitchen designer and/ or kitchen remodeling contractor or you plan to do it yourself?
Ask any other specific question based upon your individual requirement that might need to be answered before you start your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
Kitchen design plans are the most interesting and also the most crucial part of your kitchen remodeling. Your kitchen design will only decide your ease of workflow in the kitchen as well as its looks.
  • Based upon your kitchen remodel cost, get help from one of these
    • Kitchen Design Software- With the help of a kitchen design software, you can create a virtual kitchen of your choice on your computer monitor and can do kitchen space-planning very easily.
    • Kitchen Design Kits- These are book based kitchen design tools. You will get cardboard punch-outs of kitchen cabinets, appliances and other accessories. With the help of these punch outs, plan your kitchen space.
    • Kitchen Designers- If your budget allows, hire a kitchen designer or you can even go for complete kitchen home improvement contract with any of the numerous kitchen remodeling companies.
  • Choose one from the five basic kitchen designs layouts
    • Double L- Shaped Kitchen Design
      Double L- Shaped Kitchen Design
      One-Wall Kitchen Design- If your kitchen is long and narrow, this is the best design for your kitchen where the long kitchen counter is created against a single wall of the kitchen.
    • Corridor Style Kitchen Design- is a very functional design with kitchen counters on both the sides.
    • L- Shape Kitchen Design- It provides better working space with counter and cabinet space arranged in L- shape.
    • Double L- Shape Kitchen Design- It provides even more- double work space- with two L- Shaped counter spaces.
    • U- Shape Kitchen Design- The U-shape kitchen design plan is similar to the corridor style kitchen design but with a closed end.

To have a clear idea about what all these kitchen designs look like, watch Kitchen Pictures- A Kitchen Design Gallery!

  • Observe the Kitchen Triangle Rule for making your kitchen user friendly. Except for One wall kitchen design, all the other kitchen designs allow for the kitchen triangle rule. Kitchen triangle is made by keeping the sink, cooker top and the fridge as close to each other as possible through an imaginary triangular arrangement (thinking of imaginary straight line from the center of the sink, to the center of the cooker top, to the center of the fridge and finally back to the sink).
  • If you chose to go with any of the basic kitchen styles, it is better to use more wood and stone like wood kitchen furniture, natural-finish or painted cabinetry, exposed wood beams, etc. Kitchen flooring can be done with wood, tile, or stone.
  • If you go with contemporary kitchen design, you must emphasize on style along with functionality. Often a contemporary kitchen has expensive accessories such as stainless steel, man made counter top materials, granite and marble. However, it all depends upon your taste and your budget as to how costly you want your kitchen remodeling project to be!

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