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Log Furniture: Rustic Wood Furniture in Modern Homes

19 Feb 2011- Log Furniture, is a type of rustic furniture, produced using whole logs. Wood log furniture is usually seen in country side ski lodge or in beaches or cabins in resorts etc. Usually the unfinished and rustic look is uniquely suited to the natural surroundings common to these locations. However, today log furniture is also seen to decorate the interior and outdoor space of many modern homes. From simple sofas to intricately designed beds, this type of furniture has a simple design that is very appealing to many people. Log wood furniture made of pine or cedar or other wood varieties has become a perfect choice for your home, cottage, retreat or office.

Interior Log Furniture

When used in interiors whether in a living room or a bed room, log furniture has a wonderful quality to bring the surrounding beauty of nature into the interior living space. The natural look and feel of the log tables or log chairs or the log furniture beds, all these create a unique ambiance that cannot be easily copied by other furniture styles, which is why log furniture is so popular. The finishes on this type of furniture are usually clear polyurethane varnish or lin-seed oil which add to its natural look and durability. The pine log furniture or the cedar log furniture offers a beautiful, naturally creamy appearance, the designs ranging from simple to ornate.

Log Furniture
Indoor Log Furniture

Cefar Log Furniture
Log Bedroom Furniture

Outdoor Log Furniture

Outdoor log furniture has different requirements than those that are designed for indoor use. Usually for outdoor setting, cedar wood is the best option, especially the white cedar log furniture. Cedar wood has many naturally occurring qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. The best part is that it does not crack or split much on account of extreme changes in humidity, and is also very resistant to damage caused by insects. Hence, cedar is commonly used for any log patio or garden furniture. Other types of wood are also used.

exterior log furniture
Outdoor Log Furniture

Log Wood Furniture Care

A beautiful handcrafted piece of log furniture needs to be properly taken care of to retain its beauty and to make it last a long time. Careful attention to use, care, and handling can preserve your valuable wood furniture for future generations. Three causes of preventable damage for log furniture are environmental conditions, poor handling, and improper use and care.

The first main cause of damage to log furniture is humidity. Moisture causes the wood to expand and contract unequally along grain directions. Hence it is advisable to avoid placing the furniture in damp areas or high humidity areas. Humidity can be controlled. Make the room temperature a normal steady temperature . In areas where there are large fluctuations in humidity, balance can be achieved by humidifying the house in the winter and de-humidifying in the summer.

Moreover, all log furniture will experience some light damage during its use, but this can be minimized. It is said that the best place to keep the log furniture is a dark, oxygen-free, and people-free environment, but then this is not a practical solution. It is be seen that the furniture is at its best when kept in dark or low light areas. Also if the furniture is placed in bright areas, use window coverings. Don't place log furniture directly under fluorescent bulbs and under direct sunlight.

Special care should always be taken when cleaning furniture or moving it from one area to another. Any kind of surface or finish may be cleaned using a mild detergent or just a cloth.
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