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Different Uses of Modern Wooden Tables

Wooden tables have always been there- in each and every house rather in each and every room of all the houses. We need coffee tables in our living rooms. And dining tables have rather become a necessity than a privilege. Then there are console tables, computer tables and a whole lot of other tables. Spaces are shrinking but tables can't be discarded. We can not, in fact, function comfortably without these tables at our homes and offices.

To solve the issue of small spaces in todays shrinking houses, the furniture manufacturers have come up with newer table designs. These tables are multi functional in nature. Now you don't have to buy separate tables for dining, studying or writing. A modern table performs all these function- wooden tables have become multi functional. Here are some examples of modern tables to give you a glimpse of new age table designs.

Modern Multipurpose Tables: Many tables are designed to be used as a coffee table, a desk, a conference table or a dining table. In such tables, each of the top segments may be adjusted in height and depth to be able to perform differently. Such a table can be used indoors as well as outdoors as patio tables. It provides a great working surface too.

Modern Multipurpose Table
Source: flyingleapfurniture.com

Modern Coffee Tables: Modern coffee tables are not for show only- they work for you too. They come with storage. These modern storage coffee tables can be used to store anything, right from books, magazines to CD and DVD. Not only are they coffee tables but they can be called folding tables too. These tables have a top segment which, when unfolded, provides a good work station.

Modern Coffee Storage Tables

So, why go for different tables. Buy a couple of modern tables and enjoy the freed space of your home!

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