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Multi Functional Modern Wood Furniture Design Ideas

16 Feb 2011- Convertible or folding furniture is basically the multi-functional furniture which is found in most modern homes today. Modern wood furniture designs have undergone tremendous changes in recent years. Furniture designers are coming up with various unique ideas in furniture, especially in convertible furniture. A single piece of furniture can be used for various functions. Multi functional furniture ideas are a good combination of innovation, creativity and of course fun. For small spaces, this type of folding furniture is of great use as it can fold back into amazingly compact units when not in use. Check out some unique design ideas of multi functional, convertible furniture below:

Elegant Folding and Hanging Wall Chairs

Just check out the image below. What you see on the wall is a wooden decorative hanging like some abstract oriental art. But the interesting part is that these wooden wall hangings can easily be converted into stylish, simple and sleek seats suitable for any occasion. When not in use, the chairs can be easily hung on the wall to make wonderful wall art and when taken off the wall, they serve as good seating arrangements.
Folding and Hanging Wall Chairs
Folding and Hanging Wall Chairs

Chairs Sets Plus Table or Bookshelf

This is a very simple, modern wood shelving unit which can be a wonderful convertible furniture in the form of a breakfast table and two chairs. An elegant and easy sliding motion can transform the shelf into three units.
convertible furniture
Storage Shelving Unit

Storage Shelving
Chairs Sets Plus Table

Chair Table Desk Furniture

Now check out the following design. Usually when we talk about convertible furniture, we think that the furniture piece would have a number of moving parts or weak connections. But this is not the case below. The design is of a dynamic table/desk/podium design with three modes of operation and requires only simple rotations. A clever way to use the furniture piece as a chair table desk or simply a desk. This is perfect for a working group in a single room around a house or in a school or workshop.
Chair Table Desk Furniture
Chair Table Desk Furniture

Folding Chair Lamp

Well, what better idea to have a lamp fixed on to your chair. This design was created keeping in mind the concept of sitting and reading. Just pull the chair in whichever place you want to, plug it and you have own private space for reading. Similarly, you can pull the chair next to your child's bed at night, read him a story book, for example, and keep it aside somewhere else during the day.
Folding Chair Lamp
Folding Chair Lamp

Chair Table Light

This is another interesting design. What looks like an ordinary white wooden chair converts into a table with light. Surprised? Well the chair has a built in light. Everything about it seems to suggest it is a chair during daytime. But there is an outwardly invisible recessed lighting fixture that illuminates the surface below, transforming it into a simple night-time table-plus-light.
chair table light

Chair Lamp
Chair Lamp Lighting Design

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