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Neiman Marcus Furniture Review

30 March, 2010- Neiman Marcus is a popular luxury retail department store managed by the Neiman Marcus Group in the United States. Neiman Marcus furniture is liked by many for the variety of its range. At Neiman Markus, you can get antique furniture, country style furniture, as well as the most contemporary furniture- in short, all types of wood furniture (as also other furniture). In this Neiman Marcus furniture review, we are basically going to have a look at some marvelous wood furniture pieces available at Neiman Markus. The famous store also has its online store where it processes Internet order too and also makes international deliveries.

Tuscan decorating style places stress on the elements of nature. Sturdy hardwood furniture is one of the elements of Tuscan home decor. Colors used in Tuscan style home decor include earth tones and other colors suggesting warmth and intensity- sun like yellow, concentrated gold, intense shades of russet and chocolate, pool or lake blue, olive with hints of sea green and rusty reds. This Tuscan chair from Neiman Marcus in acacia wood frame with a creamy gold finish represents the exact Tuscan style. It is from the John-Richard Collection, founded in 1980 in Greenwood, Mississippi, having a strong design staff that travels the world for inspiration and that blends the best of what is new in home fashion with the designs of the past to give birth to updated designs that fit perfectly with a host of home decor styles.

Kilim Cubes
Kilim" Cubes

This is a fine example of an innovative ottoman furniture piece. Ottoman furniture consists of a padded, upholstered seat or bench without any back nor arms. They are generally used as a stool or footstool and sometimes also as an improvised coffee table. Some ottomans are hollow to be used as storage boxes. The innovative feature in this set of "Kilim" Cubes is the Southwestern look of printed jute fabric. The larger cube also has brass nailhead trim and a hinged opening for storage. These cubes can certainly liven up your living room!

Solano Entertainment Cabinet
"Solano" Entertainment Cabinet

This entertainment cabinet in curved pattern is made of pine solids and veneers with an antiqued finish. It encompasses all- CD and DVD racks, some with doors and some in the form of open shelves. It is perfect as your living room furniture to store all your entertainment equipment. What more, it also has adjustable shelves- ten in number- which can be used for other purposes too like for displaying collectibles!

Floor Mirror
Floor Mirror

A floor mirror, apart from being a grand home decor item, makes a room look larger than its actual size. Not only size, a floor mirror can also contribute in how bright your room can be? Place a floor mirror besides the window or a light sources and see how bright the place becomes! This type of mirror with a wooden mirror frame and antiqued golden finish can, in fact, instantly change the whole tone of your home decor. Just remember not to let the mirror reflect any cluttered view by paying attention to its viewing angle.

Red Antique Side Cabinet
Red Antique Side Cabinet

Side cabinets, apart from storing your tit bits, can add to the charm of your home decor too. This particular wood furniture- the antique side table- comes from the Gansu region of China. It has two drawers and two doors and features its original painted designs. Chinese decor can be very elegant and subtle, yet powerful and moving, with stunning works of art. The typical colors in Oriental interior design in Chinese style are red and black.

Tuscan Chair
"Tuscan" Chair

If you want to get oriental looks in your overall home decor than go for other rich and bright colors too, like blue, yellow or green for decorating- not only furniture but for other aspects too. Walls can be plain (but richly colored), or patterned with wallpaper, preferably with an oriental inspiration like oriental lettering and calligraphy, bamboo, flowers, birds or fish.

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If you are mesmerized by these wood furniture designs, you can visit Neiman Marcus Furniture their all furniture catalog.

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