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How to Organize and Decorate Wooden Bookshelves?

A book shelf is not only a book lover's choice but also a great decorative piece of furniture for any home. Most of the people, till now, prefer to have wooden bookshelves. They are not only durable and sturdy but can also be matched with the decor and color of the rooms by just painting afresh. Here are some tips on arranging books on a wooden book shelf as well as using them to decorate the whole surroundings.
  • First of all, take out all the books and all other things on the book shelf and make it empty. Dust it for a clean look and dispose of books that you no longer require. This will give it a clutter free look.
  • Wooden racks of a book shelf, although strong, need to be used judiciously. Keep heavy books on the bottom most rack. Heavy books on top or middle shelves can bent the wood as they don't have any support. The bottom shelf has the support of floor beneath it.
  • You can even keep some other heavy objects on the bottom shelf like some decorative basket, wooden planters or some big animal or human sculpture. A combination of books and decorative items can also be made at the bottom shelf.

  • Middle shelves are best for decorating. Place books side by side on the shelf. Don't fill the whole length of the middle racks. Use them as a wooden cupboard for displaying your decoratives. You can do it by placing books in half of the shelf and using the half portion for placing decorative wooden boxes, vases or photographs etc. Alternatively you can make a stack at one end of the shelf, put some decorative piece in the middle of it and again put a stack of books at the other end of the shelf.
  • Wooden Book Shelf
  • For giving a nice look to the book shelf, use different book arrangements on these shelves. Stack a few books and then place a small photo frame or statuette on top of them. Make three stacks of books and keep them side by side. You can even stack two or three books and then keep other books on top of them in standing position.
  • Use the top shelf for organizing smaller sized books side by side. If they run the complete width of the shelf, it is their best visual presence.
  • The top of the book shelf should never be left empty, for it brings out the true beauty of your wooden book case. Place some paintings or vases here. You can even use this space for displaying beautiful silk plant and foliage arrangement. And if you want to bring some mood in the whole room through lighting, place a lamp on both the sides of your decoration.
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