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Use Log Furniture for Rustic Home Decor

9 June 2010- Rustic home decor was always there since primitive times. However, it was not known as any "home decor" theme at that time. It was the natural way of living for people- they did not have sophisticated tools and techniques to make more refined wood furniture. So, they used wood in raw form- in the form of logs- to make furniture. Then gradually, wood furniture (like all other things) improved and many different types of wood were introduced in place of logs to make furniture. However, as has been the historical trend, man always goes back to his origin. Recently, there has been a shift towards country home decor and what's the best way other then using log furniture for such rustic home decor!

What is Log Furniture?

Log Furniture is the basic type of wood furniture, often categorized as rustic furniture. These furniture pieces are made with the help of whole logs having a "pioneer" appearance. As wood is used in its basic form, most of the log Furniture is extremely durable if the right manufacturing methods are used to make them. For added information, it might also be stated that many methods are used to give a rustic look to log furniture. However, mortise and tenon method of making log rustic furniture is preferred to keep its durability intact.

Popular Rustic Wood Furniture

Log FurnitureRustic wood furniture are more popularly made from logs but sticks and twigs as well as any other wood that can give it a rustic look are used by the wood furniture manufacturers for making them. Two types of rustic wood furniture are most popular among those who want a rustic style of home decor for them.

Bentwood Rustic Wood Furniture- Fresh harvested wood sticks are used for making bentwood rustic wood furniture. Sometimes the sticks are even steamed to make them supple. These flexible wood sticks are then bent into different decorative shapes to make really beautiful log rustic wood furniture.

Stick Rustic Wood Furniture- In making of this type of rustic wood furniture, no treatment is given to the wood sticks- they are used as they are- straight, curved or forked whatever shape they are in. These differently shaped sticks are assembled into decorative shapes to make rustic wood furniture.

Typical rustic wood furniture that are mostly used for getting a 'raw' home decor style include chairs, love seats, tables, desks, smoking stands mostly with a cabin on top, clocks, chests of drawers, rockers, coat racks, mirror frames, lamps etc. Beds are the most popular log furniture. Other log furniture that are in demand may be listed as garden benches, chairs, dining table sets etc. So, what log furniture do you plan to bring for your rustic home decor?

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