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Artistic and Inexpensive Solid Wood Desk for Home and Office

18 August 2010- Solid wood desk are credited with function and usability. Because of this solid wooden desks are welcomed at home as well as office. These desks can be used for reading, writing and for doing some work. With huge usage there is similar flexibility and options in price and styles. Also there is a rainbow of amazing shades and finishes to pick from. Most of these are in the form of solid wood computer desk that are used to keep the computer as well as for study.

Types of Wood to make Solid Wood Desk

Almost every kind of solid wood can be used to make the solid wooden desk. But some types of wood are used more dominantly over the other because of durability and final appearance. This wood is quiet heavy. Therefore if you like the solid wood desk to be very heavy and traditional then buy the one that has been made from oak wood.


Cherry wood desk is another option that is made from the cherry wood. It quiet hard but lesser than walnut and oak. Finish of cherry wood desk is unmatchable because of the straight grain. The cherry wood desk is of darker color and richly stained. Desk should be according to your needs, present interior decor and fit into the area. Solid wood computer desk made from this wood is very solid and royal in appearance.


Oak last for a longer period of time and a lighter color wood. The elegance of oak wood is further enhanced with the even distribution of grains.
Oak Solid Wood Desk
Oak Solid Wood Desk


Maple is a very strong, reddish-brown wood that is predominantly used for making the solid wood desk. Desk made from maple last for a long period of time as this is a very hardwood.
Maple Solid Wood Desk
Maple Solid Wood Desk

How to Buy Solid Wood Desk?

  • If you have a limited space then buy the one to be placed in the corner as this will not occupy much of the space and will look good as well. In case of solid wood computer desk you can also get the one made specially for the corners.
  • If you need storage space along with working table then buy the one with drawers. Number and size of drawers are according to the requirement.
  • Then look for the color and tone of the solid wood desk that you are looking for. It should be according to the present color tone.
  • You should know that cherry wood desk will go darker in color over the period of time. If it is exposed to the sunlight then there will be more change in color to the darker side. Consider this while selecting the color.
Cherry Solid Wood Desk
Cherry Solid Wood Desk

How to Clean Solid Wood Desk?

Wood is very elegant and traditional in look. It is used for many purposes. You can also use it as a small mini dining table where you can have meals with family. In such an extensive usage it is must to clean the solid wood desk.
  • Daily clean it with soft duster to loosen the dirt on the furniture.
  • Take the light must oil-based furniture cleaner and use it on the wood.
  • Remove the cleaner with dry microfiber cloth.
  • After every few months for deep cleaning you can spread a layer of mayonnaise. Let it be there for at least 15 min and wipe with slight damp cloth.
  • To restore the shine of solid wood desk use beeswax. Let the beeswax remain on the solid wood desk overnight and next day wipe it with clean cloth. This will keep it new brand for a long period of time.

How to Refinish Solid Wood Desk?

After using the solid wooden desk these tend to lose their shine and charm because of dust and stains. Battered looking solid wooden desk can be refinished rather than buying the new.
  • Clean the solid wood desk and remove the hardware like drawer and other such things from the solid wooden desk.
  • Take the dampened 0000-grade steel wool and wipe down the surface of solid wood desk with this. Make sure to wipe down in the direction of wood grain. With this the wax, grease or any buildup will be removed.
  • Then is the time to remove the old finish. For this get the paint stripper and apply it on the entire surface of solid wooden desk. Let it set for the said period of time.
  • To check if the old finish has come out or not, scrap the small area. Do the scrapping along the wood grain. Continue scrapping till the whole paint stripper is removed. With the help of toothpick remove the old finish form the cracks and carvings.
  • Repeat the process of applying and removing paint stripper till the whole old finish has been removed.
  • Get the denatured alcohol and wipe the desk with this. This will remove the paint stripper. Before doing anything further let the wood dry completely.
  • For staining the wood buy the required stain color and apply it over the desk.
  • Let it settle down over the solid wood desk for the said period of time.
  • Take the cheesecloth to remove the stain.
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