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Tips on Sanding, Staining, Painting and Finishing Wood Cabinets

Wooden cabinets provide the most practical storage solution. Be it your wooden kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, they keep all the necessary things organized and safe for your daily use. What more! The wooden TV cabinets and CD cabinets let you store your collections right where they are used so that you may not have to roam around to find your favorite video CD if your mood changes and you want to watch a movie instead of a TV serial. Garage cabinets are also useful for hiding the clutter while storing them safely for usage the next time. Wood is preferred for building cabinets over other materials due to its durability and ability to blend with almost all types of home decor. Maple, oak, cherry, birch and many other types of wood are used for making these cabinets. However, with time, wood loses its sheen and the protective cover provided by the wood finishes. So, you need to refinish your wooden cabinets as and when required. Here are some tips for making your old furniture all new for home improvement.
  • Detach all the screws and other hardware with the help of a screwdriver or other tools.
  • Wood Cabinets
  • Take 120-grit sandpaper and lightly sand all external wood surfaces that are easily visible including base elements, cabinet doors and drawers.
  • After completing the preliminary sanding, take 220-grit sandpaper and repeat the process once again for getting a smooth finish. This will also prepare the wood for staining.
  • Now dust off all wood parts with the help of a brush.
  • Take a foam brush and apply a wood conditioner to all wood parts.
  • Let all the wood pieces dry.
  • Pick a wood stain according to the material of the cabinet and compatibility with the surrounding decor theme and color. If required, bring finish samples home to try on smaller pieces of wood furniture to get the idea of the right finish.
  • If you want to paint on the stain, use a water-based stain as it doesn't dry as fast as other types of stains giving you enough time to finish properly.
  • Finishing Kitchen Cabinet
  • Apply the stain with the help of brush or a rag. If using gel finish, it has to be applied with a rag only. Also follow the instruction of the manufacturer while applying stains.
  • If you want a darker finish, let the stain settle in for awhile.
  • For getting an optimal finish, apply two to three coats.
  • After staining, apply a top coat. It helps in protecting the finish and make it shine giving it a professional touch. Lacquer or polyurethane, anything can be used for it. For getting maximum protection, use a quality wood sealer.
The choice of right wood finish or paint will decide how good your cabinets blend with the surroundings. Most of the time, lighter colored cabinets are apt for bringing in a more country or traditional look and darker colors for modern or contemporary look. If you do not plan to refinish your wooden cabinets soon, always pick a finish or paint that is not too trendy as trends change too quickly.

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