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Types of Wood Flooring-Tips to Choose Wood Floor

17 August 2010- Types of wood flooring, wood floor color, sizes and applications are few things that are considered at the time of selecting wood flooring for your home. While shopping for wood flooring material, make sure that it should be very durable, termite resistant and has very good quality as it is a life long thing that cannot be changed very frequently. Any kind of wood floor you choose must be easy to clean and maintain otherwise big amount will go after installing as well.

Important Tips to Choose Wood Floor

  • Set your budget. Generally low cost means lesser quality of wood floor.
  • Pick the type of wood flooring according to the usage of the room.
  • The color and style should compliment the interior decor of the room. If not this case then you can do the interior decor according to the wood floor that you have installed.
  • Along with type of wood also give due consideration to the type of finish and the traffic in a particular room.
  • Let the professional installer install the wood flooring as there are many technicalities involved in installing the wood floor.
Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring

Where to Install Wood Flooring?

Living Room and Dining Rooms

Here the wood flooring is used to give very traditional look. But color of the wood makes the difference in the interior decor style. Designing and type of wood will depend upon the furniture used in this room. But do not use everything in same color as this will create a monotonous look. For a small space use lighter color wood floor.


Use area carpets with wood floor in bedrooms. If the bedroom wooden furniture is having rollers at the bottom make sure that these are not made from metal as this will damage the wood flooring. The wood floor in bedroom requires regular maintenance.


Bathroom that are used daily should not be given wooden flooring as the moisture will damage the floor. But you can use the wooden flooring in the guest bedroom but here also wipe off the water as soon as you walkout of the bathroom.

Kitchen and Family Room

kitchen and family room are two of the most common places where wood flooring is used very elaborately. Floor plans, types of wood used and their care must be considered before flooring. Do not use very light colored wood like white as this is a high traffic area.

Types of Wood Flooring

Type of Wood Used

Some types of wood are more friendly to the high traffic area than others. So you must check this out. Here consider the hard and soft wood, types of grains, Hardwood flooring is comparatively expensive than the softwood. Also there is no need to change the hardwood flooring so has the long lasting value.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood are made up of hardwood using three-ply or five-ply laminated wood. The thin pieces of hardwood are layered over each other with grain pattern in alternate manner. The criss cross manner makes the engineered wood floor very strong and capable of bearing more force than the others. These are very stable wood as temperature and humidity does not the engineered wood floors. There is one more advantage attached to engineered wood that it can be floated on any other kind of floor without the use of nail or adhesive. Also the engineered wood flooring is the best when you need it with radiant heating system.

Solid or Hardwood Flooring

Maple, walnut and oak are the most popular kinds of solid or hardwood flooring. Pine and
Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

teak are also used for making hardwood floor in your home. Pine is generally considered as a soft wood. Single piece of timber is used to make the plank of solid wood that is used to make the floor. But solid wood is affected by the change in temperature and humidity if not seasoned well. This kind of wood flooring cannot be installed directly on the concrete flooring.

Acrylic Hardwood Flooring

This type of wood flooring is made from the acrylic and solid wood. This kind of wood floor handles very strong traffic and weight.

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