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The Various Designs of Modern Wooden Stools

The stools are a very practical pieces of furniture in any home. With all types of stools available in the market, wooden stools remain the choice of most of the people. Whether it is a home, kitchen or a restaurant, wooden stools are visible everywhere. If you too want to buy a wooden stool, check out the various stool designs of present day. As has been rightly said- Informed choice is always a better choice.

Wooden Stool Designs

Wooden stools generally come in two types- basic and practical stools; and elaborately designed stools. The most basic bar stools have padded seats with no back rests. They can be made from different types of wood- varnished or unvarnished and have 4 legs with two sections of interlocking wooden beams for leg support. This basic design gives traditional country look to homes, bars and restaurants. The more elegant and artistic design in stools usually have back rests and may have arms with detailed work on them.

Mission Stools

The bar stools with mission furniture design are very ancient designs that are still popular as wooden bar stools. They have basic lines and traditional looks with straight angles, level seats, and back rests having multiple vertical groves. However, they do not have arms. Oak and cherry woods are generally used for making mission stools but they are not difficult to find in other types of wood too. Shinto Stool

Shinto Stools

These stools have Japanese design with heavy wooden legs that diminish to wide ends where they meet both the seat and the floor. The seats also extend out to wider ends and over lap the legs. The simple yet elegant design of Shinto stools make these bar stools apt for a wide variety of interiors. They are widely popular as comfortable counter stools.

Queen Anne Stools

Queen Anne Padded StoolQueen Anne Padded Stool The more fashionable stools, the Queen Anne Stools have complex designed legs that gradually broaden at the base. These wooden stools may or may not have arms and back rests. If they are present, they have a lot of complex detailing. They will go well with country style as well as modern home decor but if using with contemporary furniture with straight angular lines, they might look a bit out of place.

Metropolitan Stools

The Metropolitan wooden bar stools focus on arms and backrests. Both of these parts have an extravagant stylish pattern, often in two shades of color- light and dark. Most of the modern metropolitan stools also have a round (sometime square) rings of wood attached with all the four legs, a little above from where they end. This gives the stools their unique look which matches all styles of home decor.

Swivel Stools

Metropolitan Swivel bar StoolMetropolitan Swivel bar Stool These are the rolling stools- a chair that swivels on its base. They can be made with any height so that they could be used as kitchen stools as well as for other purpose like office stools. However, the designs differ for each purpose. If it is designed as kitchen counter stools, apart from making them high (sometimes the height is adjustable too), they are made with backrest. However, for office use, it is simply padded without arms or backs.

Step Stools

Wooden Step Stools are generally meant to be kids stool- a stool that steps them up for being more independent. They can reach the kitchen counters or bathroom sink. These step stools come in different types of step ups- single stepped step stools; two stepped step stools; step stools with storage; themed step stools; personalized step stools etc. The higher stools meant for reaching kitchen counters etc. sometimes have a railing on all sides to keep the children from accidentally tumbling backwards off the stool.

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