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Walk in Wardrobe Furniture Plan for Small Bedroom

These are some of the useful wardrobe ideas for your small bedroom.

Chose Open Style Walk in Wardrobe Furniture Design

Don't be lured by the concept of having doors for your walk in wardrobe. You have to provide for much space to let wardrobe doors that open outside. Instead, go for open style walk in wardrobe design. If that doesn't suits your taste, you can opt for sliding doors but it will take some of the interior space of the wardrobe furniture that you could utilize for other purposes. You can add a fixed parting screen to close or part close your walk in wardrobe furniture off from view with different types of glass doors and screen panels. Another good option for covering your walkin wardrobe furniture would be to use some fabric or transparent poly cover with zips!

Get Adjustable Walk in Wardrobe Fittings

There are a lots of walk in wardrobe ideas that make use of adjustable fittings to make optimum use of wardrobe furniture space inside. Some of the features that can be used for making walk in wardrobe furniture for small bedrooms are listed here.

 Wardrobe Design
  • Adjustable shelves that lock into place. Keep the provision of folding (removable) shelves so that heights of the shelves can be adjusted according to the needs.
  • Multi functional Racks. For example, keep some racks that are entirely made of wood and are sturdy to hold heavy objects too and other racks that have rails made of steel or other metals. You can use these racks for placing objects as well as hanging clothes (like ones that can be used as trouser racks)
  •  Wardrobe Furniture
    Walk in Wardrobe
  • Drawers that glide on steel runners. Make various sized compartments in the drawers so that you can store different objects in the same drawers making optimum use of space inside your wardrobe furniture.
  • Organizer basket systems. Don't take a whole compartment for making such baskets. Instead, include one each in the lower shelfs where you can hang your clothes as well as store linens in basket below it. One more idea is to provide for multiple baskets of different sizes in one compartment.
  • Sliding shoe, tie and belt racks. These types of shoe racks will require lesser space and will serve their purpose too.
  • Wardrobe Lifts. Instead of reserving a full wardrobe compartment for longer clothes that you'll hang in it, it is a good idea to go for a wardrobe lift. Here also, you will get the full length for hanging your clothes. The difference is that you can utilize the back side for making some sliding racks for lesser used items like designer bed linens etc. When you need to open these racks, just pull down the lift, open sliding racks and take out or store your things pulling the lift again to let your long clothings hang properly!

Modular Walk in Wardrobe Furniture for Awkward Spaces

Modular Walk in Wardrobe Furniture for Awkward Spaces
Modular Walk-in-Wardrobe
If your bedroom has awkward size along with being small, you can go for a modular walk in wardrobe available in lots of designs and layouts with wardrobe furniture manufacturers. These modular walk-in-wardrobes can also be installed in hard to access places like a loft conversion or underneath a narrow stair ways. Modular walk in wardrobe furniture are stylish as well as affordable and easy to install due to their easy to fix panels, modular configuration and concealed support mechanism. As no sides are required on the modular sections, the walk in wardrobe furniture can also be installed near windows making more use of space and also not blocking the light or view.

Apart from walk in wardrobe, there are many other types of wardrobe designs. Know about all types of Wooden Wardrobe

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