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Wooden Garden Bench- Choose and Clean it Carefully

If you prefer your home furniture to be in wood, you will most probably like to have wood garden furniture as well. Wooden garden benches are great outdoor furniture. They give the sense of relaxation by themselves. However, you have to be very careful while selecting benches for outdoor decor as they have to be there for considerable period of time and tolerate all extremities of weather as well. Here are certain tips to help you with buying and maintaining a garden bench.

  • First of all decide why you are buying an outdoor bench. Is it for gardener, or to be used for storing your garden tools or just for relaxing amongst the beautiful surrounding? Then go for the bench best suited for the purpose- potting bench for the gardener, storage bench or a sitting bench.
  • One more initial work to do is to decide or consider the garden theme- is it rustic, modern or traditional. You will need to choose the garden bench accordingly.
  • Benches made from cedar, redwood, teak or other hardwoods are best for outdoor purpose. They are durable and withstand the harsh weather more efficiently. They can also be protected with a water sealant.
  • Teakwood is the most durable wood and is suitable for any outdoor furniture.

  • Garden Bench
  • Cedar is resistant to moths and other insects. It is also water-resistant and good for outside use.
  • If durability is not so much of a concern, you can even select a lighter wood such as bamboo for your garden bench.
  • Choose a suitable sized bench according to the seating requirements and the garden size. Standard garden benches can seat one, two or three people comfortably. If you want more capacity, you can go for customized benches.
  • For making the garden bench more attractive, you can place matching wooden furniture along with it like a wooden coffee table, end table, wooden chairs or settee.
  • For cleaning benches, first of all brush off any dust, dirt, mud or spider webs.
  • If yours is a teak bench, it can be cleaned with a mixture of bleach, water and laundry detergent.
  • If going for cleanser, buy the one specifically made for the wood your furniture is made from.
  • After using a cleaner, rinse your garden benches thoroughly with the help of garden hose. Dry them with an absorbent cloth.
  • If your bench is made from a wood other than teak, be sure to use a cleaner that will work for that particular wood.
  • If it is a cedar wood bench, clean it gently with a mild cleanser. To preserve the aroma of cedar, use a cleaner that does not contain strong chemicals. Soap and water is also fine and won't do any damage to your garden bench.

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