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Creative Wooden Book Shelves Designs

25 Dec 2010- In modern homes, book shelves are essential furniture pieces where you can systematically store your favorite books and magazines in your study room or bed room. Today book shelf has become a part of every home and office furniture. Wooden book shelf has its own unique charm. Available in a multitude of finishes, which can match up any room's decor, craftsmen and interior decorators are coming up with unique designs and styles in these wooden book shelves. Gone are those days when we used to see only rectangular or square shape wooden boxes with 5-6 shelves in them as the typical style of book shelves. Here in this photo galley we present you a very beautiful collection of the best wooden bookshelfs, the designs of which are very unique, innovative, trendy, something that you would love to have one for yourself. Check this out:

Folding Wooden Bookshelves

This is really a very innovative design. You can arrange the books in a very interesting way. There is the option of keeping the shelves laid down or stood up. The shelves can also be used horizontally or vertically or turned 90 degrees. The mechanism is very light and soft that you can easily fold the shelf like as you can fold a paper.
Folding Wooden Bookcase
Folding Wooden Bookshelf

Shelves with a Bench

This design was created by Stanislav Katz, a designer from Latvia. The criss-cross design has covered the whole wall and there is a sitting arrangement near to the shelf. Can store hundreds of books. Ideal for a person who is really fond of reading and has a whole collection of books to be stored. Ideal for small storage space as it does not need any separate place. All you need is an empty wall, preferably in the study room.
Shelves With a Bench
Wooden Book Shelves

Quasi-hexagonal Pattern Bookcase

This is also a very creative design. You can use wood as well as other materials like metal or expanded polypropylene. It is very light but very strong, can be easily carried from one room to another. This can be used not only as a book case but also for storing wine bottles, CDs, DVDs, toys, records etc.
Quasi-hexagonal Pattern Bookcase
Quasi-hexagonal Pattern Bookcase

Cave Wooden Bookshelf

Just check out this wooden bookshelf. The design is aptly called "The Cave". It is shelving unit with an integrated space for reading. Al you need is to take out a book from the shelf and start reading it there only. It is ideal for small spaces where the reading space attached with the shelf can save the space used by a chair. This style provides a private reading space within its form. The Cave design gives a feeling of solitude, a feeling of quietness that you need when you are reading a book, hiding from others. Books can be stored on both sides. Therefore, the bookshelf design can also function as a partition of a room.
Cave Wooden Bookshelf
Cave Wooden Bookshelf

Ellipse Wooden Bookshelf

This is a beautiful design. Can be the focal point of room. Not for keeping a large number of books. Ideal as a decorative wooden shelf to store books and decorative objects. This design is ideal for someone who cares more about styles, how things look like, and is not so interested in the books that are on the shelves.
Ellipse Wooden Bookshelf
Ellipse Wooden Bookshelf
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