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Painted Wooden Furniture : Few Ideas

22 Dec 2010- If you want to give a new look to your furniture, if you want to remodel your home then one very easy option is to paint your furniture. There is no doubt that new furniture costs a lot. But then it is natural that you want a change in your home and you do not want to live with your old wooden furniture. Painting wooden furniture is a trendy way to update your furniture. The best part is that you can do this on your own, you can display your creativity and it is economical. You can paint your old wood furniture with different paint techniques. If your home decorating style is colorful, then you need funky painted furniture ideas. Even for a dull room, a few painted furniture can bring all the change. You can apply different paint techniques right from using brush to spray painting to hand painting.

Hand painted furniture is actually a style statement in interior decorating. Do not think that when we say painting wood furniture means just putting on a coat of neutral paint color on your furniture. You can use your creativity. Make colorful patterns on your furniture piece. Use various colors. Use different furniture painting techniques like sponge painting, stenciling and decoupage. Any old furniture with a great design or a lovely shape can be given an absolutely new look by painting. Though initially the natural wood colors or ivory or off white colors were used, today more the colorful you furniture is the better your room looks. Use colors and patterns that will draw your eyes instantly to these painted furniture.

Check out few painted furniture designs below:

Formal Painted Wood Furniture

For a formal, traditional style in your home, choose colors that go well with your decor. Consider soft shades like solid white, cream or glossy black. Bright solid colors also look good if the wall paint is of lighter shade. These colors fit in well with a formal look. You can also opt for a natural wood finish look. It give a very elegant look by finishing your painted furniture with a high-gloss polyurethane or several layers of well-buffed beeswax wood finish.
Formal Painted Furniture
Formal Painted Furniture

Country Painted Furniture

The country painted furniture gives a very peeling and distressed paint look. All you have to do is strip and sand your furniture. Then paint with latex paint. After painting, sand well again the entire furniture. You can also apply a light wash of diluted paint. Wipe away the excess paint so as to get just a hint of color to your painted furniture. While white is the most preferred color, you can also use bright colors, specially in the kitchen or in the children room.
Country Painted Furniture
Country Painted Furniture

Contemporary Painted Furniture

For a contemporary look or modern look, you can opt for clean glossy black, or dark espresso brown or even a bright color when painting furniture. Here your furniture pieces should have clean lines and shapes. Here your paint should also be in straight lines so that you avoid distressed wood finishes and fussy details. Better to use a small foam roller to paint.
Contemporary painted furniture
Contemporary painted furniture

Free Hand Funky Painted Furniture

One of the most popular option for painting furniture is free hand painting. It is fun. Let your imagination run wild. Use stencils to draw patterns on the furniture. Simple painting tools can help you to create playful and whimsical designs on your wood furniture.
Funky Painted Furniture
Funky Painted Furniture
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