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Amazing Styles of Wooden Planters

13 Dec 2010- Planters are a great way to add an enhancing appeal to your homes, offices and other commercial areas. They offer a beautiful look to complement a front entrance to a home or building. Wooden planters have always been a popular choice. The different types of woods used in the making of planters, the different finishes available, the artistic carvings on these planters have always made them the most preferred choice for planters, even though there are other materials as well for planters. Moreover, as per the principal of feng shui, planters should be made of natural material and hence in many homes, people opt for wooden boxes.

A wooden planter , made of high quality wood, like cedar, cyprus, redwood, teak will typically last 4-5 years before mother nature begins to take her course. There are different styles, shapes and sizes available for wooden planters. Check out some amazing styles of wooden planters below:

Deck Wood Planter

Deck Wooden Planter

Wooden deck railing flower planters are widely used in the front balcony. They not only add good appearance to the garden or patio, but they are also strong and durable.
Contemporary Wooden Planter

Contenporary Wooden Planter

This is a contemporary small sized wooden planter used in modern homes. Craftsmen are experimenting with varied shapes and styles to come up with unique designs in these planters.
Wood Whiskey Barrel Planter

Wood Whiskey Barrel Planter

Nowadays, the gray colored, old, used wooden boxes are also used as planters. They give a very rugged and natural look. Wooden whiskey barrels are very popular. Wooden planters in their varied styles can easily accentuate the beauty of your garden.
Wooden Hanging Planter

Wooden Hanging Planter

There are hanging wooden planters. The dull looking front porch area can be easily converted into a beautiful place by placing hanging wooden planter boxes with bunch of colorful flowers and green plants.
Commercial wooden planters

Commercial wooden planters

Commercial wooden planters have gained in importance dramatically in recent years as a way to create an inviting entranceway and warm welcome in public locations. For commercial establishments with outdoor areas, beautiful wooden planters overflowing with colorful displays of flowers and foliage invite customers to enjoy and spend time.
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