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Wooden Wine Racks Designs and Styles

22 Jan 2011- One of the basic ways of maintaining a proper wine collection is to properly store them in well designed wine racks. Wooden wine racks are widely used for their strength, durability, finishes and various style options. There are different types and styles of wooden wine racks available, to hold anywhere from one to more than hundred bottles. These wooden racks are functional in storing the wine properly but also to mantain its peak characteristics. They are also so beautifully carved and designed that they add a touch of class, elegance, or simply a bit of whimsy to any room in which they are placed. Moreover, wooden wine racks are also used for commercial use in restaurants.

Modern Wooden Wine Racks

Modern wooden wine racks display the boldest designs in terms of shapes, colors and finishes. These racks display highly artistic fashion, creating bold statements and becoming focal points of any room.
Modern Wooden Wine Rack

Traditional Wood Wine Racks

Traditional wooden wine rack designs are usually simple in nature, beautifully merging the modern and the antique styles. They are not ornate or decorative as some antique wooden racks , but they display a sense of elegance and sophistication in an understated, yet clean design. Traditional designs in wooden wine racks complement well with their surroundings.
Traditional Wooden Wine Rack

Antique Wooden Wine Rack

Antique wooden wine racks are the most impressive display of the craftsmanship and artistry and that can go into the making of a wine rack. They can be considered fine pieces of furniture rather than simple storage units. They have ornate designs and intricate details with antique finish. They are also highly valued for their workmanship and durability. Wine connoisseurs always prefer to have true vintage and antique wine racks which serve both the storage and beauty purpose. Antique wooden wine racks are seen in most modern homes.
Antique Wooden Wine Rack

Novelty Wooden Wine Racks

Novelty wooden wine racks are modern wine rack design styles, with a fun and whimsical method of storing wine. The designs are not necessarily practical as the other designs, but they have more visual appeal. Novelty wood wine racks are intended as a means to express individual interests or complement certain decor themes.
Novelty Wooden Wine Rack
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