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Wooden Boxes Delightful and practical, wooden boxes make ideal gifts for people of all ages. It also serve much wider purposes and house a number of other personal and promotional items. The valuable and attractive productions of wooden boxes have provided an excellent support to the Indian handicraft industry. The places like Jaipur and Jodhpur have achieved tremendous fame in manufacturing world class wooden boxes and marked their presence in the international arena.

The beautiful creation of wooden boxes represents the traditional designs, comprised with modern finishes and touch. They are made of various types of wood. All boxes have wood interiors, sometimes stained in colors to match the outside, and sometimes unfinished or lightly varnished, preserving the wood's bright natural color. Wood boxes are perfect for corporate promotions and giveaways, golf and private club activities, anniversaries, presentations or just as an appreciation gift.
Outlines of decorative patterns are carved into the wood surfaces, adding texture to the boxes. Usually, these boxes are hand-painted with colored wood stains on beautiful designs. Brass inlay is used on some traditional designs, a labor-intensive technique that adds extra sparkle and value to these boxes.

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