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Wood Bunk Beds

Wood Bed Wooden bunk beds have become very popular these days and are considered one of the most comfortable, popular space saving wood bedroom furniture. A wood bunk bed is basically a stack of two wooden beds connected by wooden beams or wooden stands. The bottom bed is called the bottom bunk and the top bed is called the top bunk. A ladder is attached to the bed to get up to the top bed. Another name of bunk bed is trundle bed. Wooden bunk beds are very popular as the wooden finish allows these beds to fit into any decor and design of furniture. The varied wood types and finishes enhance the look of these beds.

Kids Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are kids favorite. Infact they are specially designed to be used by kids and children. However bunk beds are available in different sizes, from normal to twin size in which adults can also sleep. Kid's bunk beds tend to be practical as well as fun.

Utility of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the best space saving furniture in modern homes. You make use of the vertical space of your bedroom or childrn room instead of the carpet area. The very presence of the bunk bed creates an orderly habitat that can be used by children to have fun in, or by parents as a place to keep things. Bunk beds are used as spare beds and save a lot of space. They are very useful in hostels, small houses.

Advantages of Wood Bunk Beds

Wood bunk beds are durable, sturdy and strong. Wood as a material can withstand all kinds of harsh treatment. Since bunk beds are mostly used by kids, wood is the most preferred material of choice for making bunk beds. Wooden bunk beds are painted in different colors. Or wooden bunk beds can be given different finishes so as to match the decor of the room. They are available in various designs which are all made of different varieties of wood and have exquisite finishes. Wooden bunk beds are generally safer because there is chance of worrying about metal or weld cracking.

Types of Wooden Bunk Beds

Twin/Standard Wooden Bunk Bed: Here there are two twin size beds, one above the other. This type of bunk bed is useful for two kids that are about the same age group and body size, maybe in the age group of 7 to 10 years old.

Full Wooden Bunk Bed: Here instead of twin sized beds, you get two full size beds one on top of the other. This is more suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

Twin over Full Wooden Bunk Bed: Here ther are two beds of two different sizes to allow two kids of different age groups or body size to share a bunk. This bed design is actually a customized design, which allows to have bed space that is just fit for the kids size.

Futon Bunk Bed: This type of design has a bed/mattress on top and there is a futon at the bottom. This is great if you need a bed and a futon/couch in your room and there is not much space.

Loft Bunk Beds Loft bunk beds have just a top bed with bottom space empty. The empty space can be used to put a desk, dresser, or other type of storage. Ideal for teenager who needs a space of his own to study and sleep.

wood-twin-bunk-bedtwin full bunk bed
futon bunk bedloft bunk bed

Different Styles of Wood Bunk Beds

There are various variations and styles of wooden bunk beds. Some beds have shelves, drawers attached to the bottom, where useful things can be stored. Some style of bunk bed is to have one bed on top and bottom section is set like a sofa or sofa cum bed. All wooden bunk beds designs allow the kids to have plenty of space in their room. You can also find a bunk bed with elbowroom for two on the bottom bunk.

Types of Wood Used in Wood Bunk Beds

When choosing a bunk bed, there are many wooden options available like log bunk beds, oak bunk beds, pine bunk beds to fit the needs of your family and your own style. Owning any wooden bunk beds can prove to be a welcome addition to your home. It is always better to for a good quality wood variety for bunk beds. One most common but expensive choice is the wooden timbered bunk bed, with pine being the main choice. The durability of these wooden bunk beds are excellent and allow parents peace of mind that the bunk bed will safely support a child, regardless of his/her weight or hyperactivity.

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