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Wood Consoles / Console Table

Wood Console Table A console table is a wonderful accent table, that is not only required for the functioning of a room but also to add to the beauty and character of any room. Think about that unused wall of the living room or the entryway. You can easily dress it up with a console table that will transform the look of the room and the area. Wooden console tables can be used anywhere in the home and there are different styles and types of wood to choose from.

What exactly is a console table

A traditional console table is a small table that can either be attached to the wall in back and supported by two legs in front or it can be a free standing table set against a wall. It may even be a narrow long table that can be placed against the wall or besides or even behind a sofa and act as a base for decoratives like statues or lamps etc.

Wooden Console Table Designs

Wooden consoles often have extra storage space in the form of a shelf or a drawer. The legs or the brackets that support this table like fixture are rather ornamental. The fringes may have delicate latticework or decorative curves. Nicely polished, it gives an unmatched ornate look to the decor. The legs and brackets are stylishly decorated with unique shapes and exquisite craftsmanship.

Uses of Wooden Console Tables

Innovative wooden console tables are ideal inclusion for decorative enhancement of the room and great for space management. They are a great addition to the living room and even the bedroom or guest room. They can be used to display photographs and decorative items. They can also be used to put items such as drinks when you are relaxing in front of the television or entertaining guests. The console tables that are placed on the entrance way give a highlighting appearance of the entrance to the room. Modern console tables have inbuilt drawers to safely store keys and other essential stuff. These tables combine the practical and the aesthetic aspects required for a room decor.

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