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Wooden Futons/Wood Futon Sofa Beds

Wood Futon Bed Wooden futons are a great addition to a living room decor or a bedroom. Whenever there is a space constraint and you need a sofa which can also serve as a bed as and when required, futons are the great choice. Today in most most modern homes, whether big or small, you will find a wooden futon sofa bed, which is probably the most prettiest and comfortable sofa beds of all. Wood futon frames are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Serving both the purposes of a bed and as a sofa and at the same time providing a beautiful look to the interiors, futons are the answer to anyone’s home designing problem.

Wooden futon beds are considered to be the most adaptable furniture or multi purpose furniture today, which has became an important requirement as people want to reside in large and open shared spaces that can double up as multi-functional rooms. It is this idea that has led to creation of a futon which can be both a seating and sleeping arrangement. On a wooden sofa frame, the bedding can be easily fit into. The frame is molded to turn into a seats that function like a sofa in the daytime after which it opens out in to a comfortable bed for night time use.

Wooden Frames for Futons

There are various choices for wooden futon sofa beds. Since the bed frame is foldable, you can find a futom which can be bi-folded or tri-folded.

Bi-fold Futon Bed

This is the standard form, consisting of only two slat racks; the one you sit on and one you lean against. The standard frame fits a bi-fold mattress, meaning the mattress folds only once along its length. The frame simply folds out flat to create a bed. Bi-fold frames allow futon beds to look just like a sofa. They look like most couches on legs, and many have armrests on each side frame. The wooden frame gives them a high-end sturdier and comfortable, solid wooden couch. The back of the frame can be folded flat to make a bed when required.
Wood Bi Fold Futon Bed

Tri-fold Futon Frames

Tri-fold futons sofa beds have three folds. They are built with three slat racks, allowing for an additional folding position which is not in the standard frame. This is the lounger frame, where the futon mattress can hang over the back rest or fold under itself on the seat rack, or lay flat like a chaise lounge.
Wood Trii Fold Futon Bed

Styles of Wooden Futon Beds

The best part of wooden futon beds are that they can be given different finishes to complement with the entire decor of a room, with the futon mattresses being covered with various upholstery fabrics. The fabrics can be of varied types like silk, satin, cotton, polyester, jacquard, damask, leather etc. All these are available in various prints, designs and colors. Futon mattress fits your frame, and the sizes are standard. A beautiful wooden frame on a leather futon sofa bed or any colorful fabric sofa can really look very fashionable and can be a great choice over standard sofas.

Futon bed frames are either made of metal or wood. Wooden futon beds are more demanded because they are durable, sturdy and of course they display a very elegant appearance. Wooden futon bed are available in various sizes. There are widely available single futon that works really well as a guest bed when there is a space problem in a room. There are also double futon beds option that are perfect as both a sofa and a bed in your living room.Another variation is the bunk bed futon. This style is great in children room, where the top floor can be used as a bed while the lower portion is empty with a sofa or futon attached to it. Your futon sofa bed can be placed anywhere in your room. Since it is not that bulky or big, you can fit it in the center of the room if you are more of experimental type. Or you can place it in the side of a wall or even in one corner if you would like to be different than most. The possibilities are endless when it comes to futon sofa beds.

There are various models available with numerous patterns, colors, designs, shapes and sizes in wood futon bed. Futons will definitely blend well in your room's decor. From dark to light colors, be sure that you will find the perfect hue for your sofa bed.
Wood Futon Beds

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