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Wooden Sofa Beds

Wooden sofa beds have become very popular these days and are considered one of the most comfortable, popular space saving wood bedroom furniture. A sofa-bed also known as sleeper sofa is actually a sofa or a couch that can be used as a bed. Usually sofa bed frames are either made of wood or metal but the most popularly used are the wooden sofa cum beds. The durability, sturdiness, the fine finishes and intricate detailing, including the functionailty have all made wooden sofs beds the most sought after item in the furniture market today.

The Basic Idea of a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is built on a folding wooden or metal frame. The seating cushions which act as a sofa has a thin mattress that can be unfolded or opened up to make a bed. This concept of using sofa beds has been in use from a very long time and still in demand. A modern sofa bed is a convertible sofa that converts into a bed by folding down the back rest. It is completely space saving and becomes an extremely useful furniture piece in the small to medium size apartments. It could be turned into a bed in seconds when unexpected guests arrive at your home. When there is a dearth of space in your house for extra sleeping space, a sofa bed is of great help. It is comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.

Wooden Sofa Beds: Ample Choices to Make

Sofa Bed The comvertible beds or sofa beds in wood have a wide range to offer in terms of styles. Various types of wood are used to make the bed frame. Usually the entire sofa is upholstered in fabrics or leather. In some beds, you will see the wood handles and the wooden backs and sides. Fabrics can give you more choices in color and texture. You may also choose a removable slipcover. Leather upholstery can give your piece a far more luxurious look.

Wooden Sofa Beds with Storage

The sofa bed can also serve as a convertible storage closet. Most modern sofa beds have storage underneath which can be a proper storage place of your linens and other stuff.

Styles of Wooden Sofa Beds

There is a huge collection of wood sofa beds in both contemporary and traditional styles. They offer comfort and style in a beautiful combination for your home or office. Functionality and fashionable create irresistible sofa beds style combinations to complement your home. With sturdy wooden frame, comfortable fabrics upholstery,including under-bed storage, you will find a whole range crafted of fine materials like oak, pine, and cedar in a wonderful collection of finishes. These wooden sofa beds have aesthetic appeal and optimal function that can convert your small living space into a wonderful abode.

Wood Sofa Bed

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