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Wooden Swings

Wooden Swings Wooden garden swings for children have always been in use. For a classic, strong and sturdy swing, wood is the best option. For garden or patio decor, wooden swings are an excellent addition. In fact today wooden swings have become an essential part of garden furniture. Wood swings are usually more preferred than the metal swing sets because unlike metal, wood does not rust, wood swings are safe and last for a long time than the metal ones.

Types of Wood

High quality lumbar is used to make wooden swings. The various types of wood includes cedar, teak wood, yellow pine, pine, redwood, Northern white cedar etc.

Advantages of Wooden Swings

A wooden swing set is the best set for various reasons:
  • First of all, it provides the ultimate comfort and relaxation. After a hard day's work, spending a few minutes on the swing in your garden or patio or living room gives you a comfortable feeling. For kids, it is the most popular play sets,thus giving them the much needed exercise and fresh air, as opposed to sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. Wooden swing sets can mean hours of fun for the whole family.
  • Another advantage of wooden swings is that they are very attractive and can match your landscape and interior design. Wooden swings are perfect for creating a rustic ambiance to your garden.
  • One of the main reasons for increased use of wood swings instead of metal or plastic ones is that wooden swings are strong and durable. Metal swings tend to rust and sometimes lose their balance. Plastic swings tend to become brittle and break when overly exposed to sunlight. Metal and plastic swings also become slippery during rainy seasons. Children are prone to slide off and fall when using such swings. On the other hand wood swings can stand any weather condition, rainy season, winter and even during extensive sunlight exposure in summers and prevent accidents.

Styles of Wooden Swings

Most swings have seats made of horizontal slats. These are of varied sizes depending on the number of seats to be made. You have single swing sets, double swing sets, triple, or quadruple sets. There are wood toddler swings with plastic seats. Some manufacturers also design swings in such a way that the seats can be changed with the growth of your child. You might attach a toddler’s swing seat in the beginning, and then switch to a regular swing seat as your child grows. You can also find wood swings with a disc- shaped seat, or tyre swing, which will add variety for older children. To prevent fall, kids wooden swing sets include belts. For living room decor or garden/patio decor, wood swings come in a variety of styles, colours and features. You will find a whole range of finishes like as melamine, matt, satin or glossy finish. It comes in various wood colours. Some swing seats also have decorative carvings at the top and back with horizontal slats for seats. Most prefer to use cushions on these seats for additional comfort. You can choose from a simple standard swing size to a Noahs Ark shape and big forts. The Wooden swings with heavy carvings give a very traditional look.

Added Accessories with Wooden Swings

There are lots of play equipment options, add-ons or accessories that are available with wood swings like as follows:
  • Slides
  • Fort
  • Climbing Frames
  • Ladders
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Multiple swing styles
  • Climbing ropes
  • Sandbox
  • Tent Coverings etc.

Wood Swings Popularity

  Wooden swings sets are available for all ages and budgets. From infants to juniors to adults, there is a wooden swing set for everyone. For play and fun purpose you will find a wood swing in vibrant colors and features. For decoration purpose, you will find wooden swing sets in various finishes. Today wood swings are not used only in the backyard. It has entered the interiors of modern homes. They have also found their usage in gardens, children parks, hotels, resorts, nurseries, play schools, schools and even temples (generally, for Lord Krishna). An exotic wooden swing anywhere in your home, gives a very elegant and royal touch to your entire home decor.

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