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Wooden TV Cabinets

Wooden TV Cabinets Wooden tv cabinets adds several moon the style of modern living room. A wood tv cabinet compliments the latest electronics gadgets the best way. Wood TV cabinets are undoubtedly one of the ultimate masterpieces of of Indian craftsmanship. A number of tv cabinet designs are available in different varierty, sizes and designs from the treasure trove of Indian handicraft.

TV cabinets crafted out of wood provide an uncluttered sleek decor of grace and luxury. The wooden tv cabinets designs and finishes are superb, displaying all the colors of an excellent craftsmanship. These are available in a variety of sizes, designs and can be made to accommodate almost any sized TV.

Types of Wood Used in TV Cabinets

Televisions and other electrical equipments which are heavy needs to be stored in strong cabinets and hence all types of hardwood and solidwood are good for TV cabinets. A TV unit made from solid wood like oak, teak, sal, cherry, mango, mahogany is exceptionally durable. Such wood TV cabinets can last a lifetime. Good quality hardwood is beautifully carved to produce an exotic range of TV cabinets in modern homes.

Wooden TV Cabinets Designs

You will find a whole range of contemporary or traditionally styled wood TV cabinets for any decor with multi-level shelving and storage. There are some wood cabinets with tempered glass and metal supports. Generally, wooden TV cabinets have various compartment to encompass other electronic items such as video, DVD, games station or satellite decoder box. These cabinets also make the perfect place to display favorite ornaments and photographs, whilst the top shelves are ideal for weightier items like books, photo albums and the like. They are given different finishes so as to match the decor of the room. From natural finish to varied wood finishes like oak finish to teak finish, from varnishing to waxing to painting, there are lots of varied finishes to choose from.

Types of Wooden TV Cabinets

Depending on the area of placement and the varied types of objects to be placed, wood TV cabinets are available in various styles. Modern TV cabinets manufacturers are offering wood TV stands in styles such as follows:

Wood TV Cabinets with Built-In Media Storage

Wooden TV cabinets with built in storage looks great in large living rooms, where there are shelving units for DVD, Television, Music System, including drawers for media storage, such as DVDs or CDs. This design is suitable to give you access to your components, while providing storage for any items you want to keep out of sight.

Wood TV Stands for Flat Screens

Nowadays, in most homes you will find flat screen TVs and LCDs. The TV cabinets for such TV are designed specifically for widescreen TVs. They provide display and shelving options designed specifically for heavier plasma TVs or other types of large screen televisions.

Wood Corner TV Cabinets

Such type of cabinets or corner stands are great for making optimal use of your living space, besides creating a great focal point for your television.

Wooden TV Cabinets with Doors

This is another popular design. The basic advantage of such an entertainment unit is that your players and consoles can be kept dust-free when they are not in use as you can keep the doors of the cabinet closed.

Wooden Trolley TV Stands

These type of TV stands are usually of small sizes and they can be easily moved from one space to another. They are highly useful in small spaces.

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