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Wooden Work Uttar Pradesh
Famous for its wood carving industry, Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh is the most flourishing commercial center for wooden items. It is a major export center for wooden artifacts and its woodwork is exported to countries like America, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and the U.K. and many others.

Popularly known as the "shesham wood village," the city is home to some of India's finest wood carvers. For years, the expertise and specialized skills of carving, inlaying, assembling, sanding and polishing have been passed down to the craftsmen from generation to generation.

The exclusive vine-leaf patterns on Sheesham wood are the speciality of this region. Floral, geometric and figurative carving is also done here with wood inlay work. Inlay work is done with bone and plastic. Wood carvings are done on decorated furniture, home furnishings and children’s toys. Screens and room- dividers with carved patterns and with minute details are also produced in abundance. About 35 main furnishing firms of Saharanpur contribute half to the Indian export.

Rajasthan city is well- known for the quality of its wood carving and use of wood for object d'art as well as for use in furniture. Furniture making forms an integral part of woodwork and is quite popular throughout the country, owing to the exquisite latticework.

Jaipur, in Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its exquisite woodcraft. The art of woodwork has been prevalent in Jaipur for quite a long time and has survived mainly due to the royal patronage.

The arid Barmer and Jaisalmer districts of Rajasthan boast of immensely popular wood carving traditions. The ingenious designs and skilled execution of the craftsmen are evident in the extensive range of beautifully decorated artifacts. Wood is exquisitely carved in the form of, or decorated with horses, elephants and parrots; and both geometric and floral forms cluster on rafter ends, pillars and brackets, on openwork jali screens and windows and on doors and door frames.

Wood carving is an important handicraft of Orissa. Wood carving comprises of painted wood carvings, plain wood carvings and wood turned items. Painted wooden toys, idols etc which are found mainly in Puri. These items are made light varieties of wood and painting is done using vegetables and mineral colors. Articles in white teak or soft wood are exquisitely carved mainly in Bhubaneshwar, Puri and Cuttack. The plain wood carvings are mostly done on a soft creamish wood called gambhari or white teak. This variety of wood carving is mostly practiced in Cuttack town. Wood turned articles using the creamish 'gambhari' is a specialty of the artisans in the regions of Daspalla in Puri district.

The artists of Orissa still live and work in remote tribal habitations, small villages, and traditional pilgrimage towns throughout the state. These contemporary guardians of an ancient tradition are devoted to their art form, accepting their talent as a gift from God and skillfully working on it.

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