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Wood Bathroom Furniture

Wood Bathroom Furniture Bathroom should be the most livable room in the house. Bathroom furniture made of wood adds warmth and depth to a room. Indian craftsmen knows how to create beautiful bathrooms by creating outstanding wooden assortment and furniture. Creations out of wood are as beautiful in use as they are on display. The contemporary and traditional designs of wooden bathroom furniture are expressed through its vibrant colors and fine details. Imparting an interactive experience that allows to explore color options for the walls, flooring and other fixtures, wooden bathroom furniture possess a style that tickles the fancy of the buyers. The unique features the wood make these furniture less ordinary. Furnitures crafted out of wood can accommodate a variety of designs and finishes, providing greater comfort during use. Wood bathroom furniture is an important component of wood furniture as a whole.

Types of Wooden Bathroom Furniture

Wood Varieties

Since the bathroom is an area where there is constant usage of water, the wood types that is used for bathroom furniture should be durable and moisture resistant. Not all woods are used in the making of bathroom furniture. The most commonly used varieties are:

  • Solid Wood: This is a single piece wood, not joined or combined. This include teak, sungkai, oak, teak dutch etc.
  • Plywood:Plywood sheets are made from several layers of wood, bonded with high pressure and a special adhesive. Plywood consisting of three wood layers is called a triplex and multiplex when it is made of more than three pieces of wood. The thickness varies from 3mm, 4mm, 9mm, and 18mm.
  • Blockboard: Another variety is the blockboard. These are wooden blocks of 4cm-5cm compacted using the machine. They are available as wood plank in various coatings. They are available in two choices of thickness, 15mm and 18mm. The price is higher than solid wood.

Designs and Styles of Wood Bathroom Furniture

The beauty of wood bathroom furniture lies in its individual appearance. The natural look, the creativity shown by the craftsmen is sure to bring a feeling of warmth into any home. Natural wood becomes the main focus in the bathrooms. They are so striking due to the striking appearance of the wood used in making the furniture pieces. The organic beauty of wood is combined with modern trends and designs to make different bathroom furniture elements. Enjoy the natural warmth of wood within your bathroom with the stunning range of wooden bathroom furniture.

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