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Wooden Mirror Frames

Standing Mirror
Standing Mirror
Mirror frames are for protecting mirrors as well as for the safety from sharp mirror edges. However, this basic function of the mirror frames has been overshadowed by the use of mirror frames for decorative purposes. From among the various types of mirror frames, wooden mirror frames are the oldest and have served as an essential protection for the mirror while imparting them better looks. A wooden mirror is a representation of craftsmanship of the artisans. The shades of traditional and cultural designs make Indian wooden mirror frames a very sought after in the markets world over.

Types of Wooden Mirror Frames

Wood mirrors or the wood framed mirrors come in all sizes and almost all shapes. Therefore, one criteria of categorizing the wooden mirror frames is their shapes and sizes. Mirror frames manufacturers make all types of wooden mirror shapes on the basis of demands in the market. Therefore, one can find round mirror, oval mirror, square mirror, large mirror, small mirrors as well as full length mirror with wooden mirror frames. On the basis of their placing position, wooden mirrors can be divided into such types as standing mirror, wall mirror, over the door mirrors, floor mirrors, bathroom mirror etc. On the basis of style, the wooden mirrors can further be classified into decorative mirror, antique mirrors, arched mirror, art deco mirror, carved wooden mirrors etc. Apart from all these types of mirrors, there are the custom framed mirrors that are made by the mirror frames manufacturers on unique requirements of the customers. Some of the very popular wooden frames have been described here.

Standing Mirror Frames

Standing mirrors are also known as floor mirrors. They are full length mirrors mainly used in bedrooms or dressing rooms. These types of floor mirrors can also be seen at commercial places like in garments shop etc. The standing mirrors are mostly liked with wooden mirror frames that can be simple or artistic. Standing floor mirrors provide full length standing views that are excellent while dressing. Sometimes, the standing mirrors are also referred to as "cheval mirrors." Most of the free standing mirrors have adjustable knobs for tilting views. The wooden mirror frame for a standing mirror can have many styles. It can be such that the frame stands on the floor and the mirror seems to be hanging into it. Sometimes, the wooden mirror frame of standing mirror looks like a big picture frame with a stand at its back to support it for standing. The modern mirror frames sometimes have shelves at the back or sides of the mirror.

Wall Mirror Frames

Art Deco Wall Mirror
Art Deco Wall Mirror
Wall mirrors are hanged on walls and they can be of any size, from small to very large mirrors. They are used for both- for functional purpose and as decorative wall art. Such mirrors can be custom made in a type of wood liked by the customers or those which go with the decor of the room. Most famous of the wall mirrors are the carved mirror frames in different shapes and sizes including round, oval, and art deco styles. The art deco mirrors are carved wall mirrors with irregular shapes and fine art features on them.

Antique Mirrors

Art connoisseurs are particularly interested in antique mirrors that were made in the bygone years. The antique frames have detailed decorative features with rich wood carving. Due to the expensive nature of antique mirrors, the mirror frames manufacturers these days also make antique reproductions. Such types of wooden mirror frames are made exactly like antique frames but they are not old woods. Also, they are given such wood finish that they look like old pieces. These antique style wooden mirror frames are less expensive than the true antique mirrors but they satisfy the needs of a customer who wants an antique home decor. Of late, antique mirrors have become very popular as a bathroom furniture.

 Wooden mirror frames are the hot choice for bathroom mirrors. If interested in installing a framed bathroom mirror, read DIY Bathroom Project- How to Frame a Mirror?

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