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Wood Antique Furniture Wood antique furniture carries an impression of sophistication, which makes it worth as an item of collection. For many centuries India is a home for mesmerizing woodwork that fascinates the combination of aesthetic as well as creative ideas. Its rich and affluent past still holds high esteem among the art lovers. Wood has been frequently used to shape many of human imaginations with the creation of timeless classics. In the period of time, the art of reproducing antique furniture has flourished in India with the commendable growth in the exports of such furniture. Especially the states from northern and southern part of India are becoming major hub for such products. Wood furniture is one such form of expression molded in different styles and shapes. Varied types of wood are used for making antique furniture. Each types of furniture wood has varied wood properties which give their distinctive look and finish.

Antique Wooden furniture is a beautiful display of artistic excellence. Carved out of exotic wood, with intricate designs, the antique wood furniture reminds us of the ancient past. They exhibit traditional design with mesmerizing look. Made from best quality wood, these antique furniture has their unique charm and elegance. With antique finish, they can play a vital role in enhancing a room's decor. The styles are usually heavily worked traditional designs. The antique furniture pieces are either carved or inlayed with metals like brass, copper. Some are also painted. They look ravishing, creating an aesthetic appeal to your rooms.

Buying Tips: How to Identify Antique Wood Furniture?

It is very important to know to identify whether a particular piece of furniture is really antique or not. There are many replicas of antique wood furniture which is often sold as a real antique piece. Some basic points to take into consideration to identify antique wood furniture are as follows:
Patina: Antique furniture has a rich beautiful finishing. Many years of polishing and exposure to various elements form a patina. Every place in the furniture piece where it can be naturally touched or exposed has this patina or plaque. Years of contact by skin oils wear out certain portions like the handles, top surface etc.
Handicraft and Dimension: Give careful attention to carving and intricate details. If you find any inequality or asymmetry it implies that the product is antique. If your furniture has perfect symmetrical carving elements, then it is not very old and most probably it was crafted on machinery. Check out the dimensions. Real antique wood furniture does not have even sizes as wood shrinks with time.
Veneer finishing: Check the thickness of veneer finishing. If the venner is thin, then your furniture piece is not antique as it it only recently manual production was completely replaced by industrial. Saw marks: If there are circular saw marks on the furniture, then it was made after the middle of the 19th century. If you can find hand saw marks, then it was made before the middle of the 19th century. For this, check the back or underside of the furniture piece and not the front.
Dovetail joint: The dovetails are hardware fittings used mainly for joining buffets, bookcases, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. In antique furniture, you will find fewer dovetails (mainly one or two per side), which were significantly large in size and not so even.
Edges Sharpness of the edges is another factor to consider. If the edge is sharp enough, then it is not so old.
Screws and Nails: Check the head of the screws and nails. If the slot of the head of the screw is not centered and grooves are not even, the screw is handmade and this implies that the furniture is an antique one as in old times handmade screws were used. Similarly if the head of the nail is square but not even, this also indicates that the furniture piece is antique.

Wood Antique Replica Furniture: Create Your Own Antique Look

In modern interior decor, people opt for antique furniture made of teak or sheesam as they have a distinct look which is not seen in regular, modern furniture. There are other wood types for antique replica furniture. Though the original anitque furniture is not easily available, nowadays manufacturers are manufacturing custom made antique furniture. The wooden antique furniture is designed in such a way that it gives an antique look.

Old pieces of furniture always carry a classic antique look. So if you have outdated, sturdy furniture pieces at home, then do not throw them away. Instead you can easily transform the piece into a beautiful antique piece using a faux antique finish. You can transform an old furnitue piece that was once unattractive into an antique piece with a stylish heirloom appearance.

Things Needed

Enamel, Satin varnish, Turpentine, Sandpaper, Detergent, Mineral spirits, Paintbrush, Cheesecloth, Tack cloth


Before you start, as a precautionary step, it is important to provide adequate ventilation when working indoors while preparing to apply a faux antique finish Also, wear gloves and safety glasses. Before applying the finish, try it in a sample wood first.

The Process

First of all, scrub the piece with a mixture of detergent and warm water. Using a clean damp rag, rinse away the soapy water. Dry it with a clean rag. Use mineral spirits to remove any old wax or furniture polish. After that, sand the piece lightly with medium-grit sandpaper. Wipe away any loose dust with a clean dry rag. Now create your antique finish. For this use a coarse bristle brush and apply a semi-gloss finish base. Allow it to dry for least 24 hours before continuing. After it has been dried, mix one part low-odor turpentine with three parts satin varnish. Brush the glaze by using a coarse brush on the furniture piece. When it begins to dull, use a cheesecloth to wipe it. Give the glaze at least 6 hours to dry. After it dries, use a fine-grit sandpaper to sand the surface and dust it with a clean tack cloth. The last step is to coat the faux antique piece with clear satin varnish. This way you have created a faux antique finish on your old furniture which will give a stunning look.

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