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Antique Wooden Chairs

Antique wooden chairs, available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes can depict a statement of royalty and luxury in any home. Even with the advent of contemporary, sleek modern furniture, the demand for and the use of antique wooden furniture is still very high. Displaying the traits of century old workmanship in wood, these antique wooden chairs have always been one of the most sought after furniture items in modern homes. Whether it is the traditional wood rocking chair of your great grand parents or whether it is the folding chair or the wood antique chairs with intricate curves and detailing, the designs available in these chairs are wide and varied and surely a class apart from other types of wooden chairs. The antique look and finish in these wooden chairs has an appeal that is only hard to resist and is an ideal investment for antique lovers.

When is a Wooden Chair an Antique Chair?

All antique furniture dealers consider a particular piece of furniture an antique piece when it is more than 100 years old. Antique wooden chairs showed transformations in their designs from the solid, heavy models of the 16th century to the soft, smooth , upholstered pieces of the 18th century. Two distinct trends are seen in antique wood chairs, one that is in favor of simple tastes of vernacular architecture and art forms, and the other that is in favor of high art forms. All types of antique wood chairs have their distinctive features and styles which make them different from the others and make them stand apart from the rest.

Styles of Wooden Antique Chairs

Antique Wooden Chair The styles in these vintage wooden chairs kept on changing according to the different eras in which they belong to. The antique wooden chairs are seen in many different styles of wood, molding and carving. Intricate details are seen in the arms and back and also in the legs. The most common style available in the legs are the lion's paw or ball-and-claw form. The upholstered wooden antique chairs are also very popular. The antique wood chairs are painted or gilded or finished with a waxy shine. The vintage art of antique wooden chairs magnify the colors of life with its elegant style and designs. For many centuries, the availability of raw materials made furniture making popular in India. Despite modern use of instruments the traditional Indian furniture is still popular among the international buyers.

Wood Antique Reproduction Chairs

Antique reproduction of wooden chairs is becoming very popular in India with the increasing demand for it. They feature elegance and archaic feel that matches to real essence of the product but are available at a cheap cost as compared to the original one. The traditional style and intricate craftsmanship of these chairs are un-matched. Antique wooden chairs are made of different types of wood and given an antique look.

These antique chairs crafted out of wood are mostly used with the application of new designs acquiring the old patterns and styles. The old designs and styles of these antiques are making big impressions by creating the new trends in the market. Antique reproduction furniture is the epitome of style and expertise.

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