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Wooden Office Chairs

Wooden Office Chair Style, comfort and status are key features while selecting office chairs. Wooden office chairs are very much in demand today as they combine classic style with modern convenience. Wooden office chairs have high durability and for their immense harmonious distinctiveness, they can used in office setups of any kind. For bringing an elegant look to the office, many offices decorate the office spaces with wooden chairs.

Types of Wood Used in Office Chairs

The various kinds of wood used to fabricate these office chairs are sheesham, mango, haldu, rose, sal, teak, oak etc.

Designs and Styles of Wood Office Chairs

Craftsmanship is the main factor in the manufacturing of these chairs, so as to provide a clean, uninterrupted look on the outside. As these are handcrafted, the finishing and carving may vary from item to item.Providing a clean and contemporary look in office seating, wooden office chairs are available in a wide selection of rich colors. Wood is popularly used in the manufacturing of office chairs, as it is available in various grains and hardnesses.

One of the main reasons for using wooden chairs in office is their sturdiness. The sturdiness of the chair is directly related to the support it can provide to the body and also can support the variety movements required when you are working throughout all day long. There is no doubt about the fact that wooden office chairs are the durable office furniture. The standard models of them usually come without cushion and arms. These are ideal as guest chairs or chairs to be used in the reception area of the office. For extra comfort, you will find wood office chairs with padded seats, armrests and head rests. They are actually designed for extra comfort and firmness for long work hours. They are the actual task chairs. Wooden office chairs can also be made with adjustable arms or adjustable heights, along with attractive styling and postural support. There are wooden office chairs with swivels as well.

Advantages of Wooden Office Chairs

  • Generally, they come without upholstery materials. So there is not much accumulation of dust and dirt, for which the upholstery needs to changed from time to time.
  • They require simply maintenance and low cost maintenance. Just wipe the chair using a cloth every day. After prolonged use, when the polish gets faded, you can simply repolish or varnish it.
  • One of the simple ways to prolong their lives is just ensure that they are kept far away from the heat source or no-contact with sunlight directly.
  • They are highly durable.
  • You can create a natural look in your office by using wood office furniture.It is useful to keep the environmental atmosphere in your office room when you working.
  • Wood office chairs are capable to create a classic looking atmosphere. At the same time, they can be modified well to create contemporary look into the room.
  • They are not only popular for office furniture but also ideal for home office furniture

Selection Tips for Online Purchase

  • You can gather all information about the wooden office chairs, related to styles, latest models, top brands, and prices on the Internet. There is no need to visit the furniture store in your local area to get those information. Make a price comparison in various sites as you need to make a wholesale purchase for your office furniture. There are many websites who also provide online enquiry form for wholesale purchase.
  • Don’t be lured by unbelievable cheap price because price is related to the quality of the chair. Since you are buying office chairs, they need to last for a long time. Just always prioritize the quality.
  • Prefer ergonomic designs in wood office chairs, especially if your office has employees who need to sit on the chairs for long hours when working.
  • Check out the image of the office chairs properly. You can also order for custom designs. There are some on-line stores that provide video files to describe their product. This gives a more clear idea of your product.
  • Check out costumer's reviews or testimonials.
  • Check out the shipping cost before placing the order. It is related to amount of the initial cost that you must pay for buying.
  • The long warranty is also another factor you should consider to save your money in the future.


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