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Wooden Garden Chairs

Wooden Garden Chair Woor garden chairs are a wonderful addition to a garden. Apart from enhancing the essence of a garden, Garden Chairs are also used as a tool to relax and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Garden chairs fabricated out of wood results into sheer delight and comfort. Their magnificent designs combined with an equally excellent carving and engraving works by trained craftsmen have mesmerizing effects on buyers world over.

Wood Garden Chairs Styles and Finishes

Garden chairs encompasses various styles and form including an armchair, folding chair, reclining chair, rocking chair, including swings and garden benches etc. Available in a choice of finishes from light to dark, the use of wood result in a richness and depth of color, found only in quality furniture.
Since garden chairs need to withstand harsh weather elements like heavy rainfall, sunshine, dust and pollution, wood that is used to make garden funriure needs to be of high quality. So modern wood lawn chairs are made of natural timber to traditional teak, oak, cherry and even mahogany. The wooden chairs are further treated with oils and finishes so as to prevent them from warping and splitting. Wooden garden chairs provide an essential ingredient to a wonderful garden experience and is extremely popular owing to its beauty, simplicity, functionality and comfort. These chairs are carved by hand and have an ethnic appeal and uniqueness. Each piece is crafted from wood using original techniques. The fine hand carved wooden chairs not only enhance the look of your garden but also give a very welcoming look and relaxing feel.


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