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Wooden Stools

What is a Stool?

Wooden Stool
Wooden Stool
Stools can be called a type of wooden chairs without back and arm rests. It is a single seat supported on a pedestal and is mainly, but not distinctively, used for sitting purpose. They come in various types of wood. Folding stools may or may not come with fabric seats. Solid framed stools have four straight legs or four legs arranged crosswise (“X” stool). Most of the stools differ in their construction- either padded or hard top. Some of the wooden stools have fine decorations on them. Wooden stools provide comfortable, healthy seating for people doing meditation, gardeners, students etc. The use of light and sturdy wood allows easy transportation and storage of these stools. Generally, the contemporary furniture stools are cushioned to provide a comfortable seating.

History of Stools

Stools had been used since ancient period by many civilizations. The ancient Egyptians, the early Greeks and Romans, and the Vikings had the knowledge of folding stools too. The stools that were used in the medieval periods looked more like small benches and were called boards or slab-ended stools. The standard joint stools were first made in the 17th century. They used to be manufactured in sets that included upholstered chairs, stools and footstools.

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Stools have been a reflection of any society’s etiquette since ancient times. In middles ages, a strict protocol was followed in Europe regarding the usage of stools. In Africa too, a stool often denotes the office of a tribal chief and carries with it a religious value. With the advent of 19th century, stools became a decorative furniture. However, some types of stools have functional value too like the most used contemporary stools- the barstools that are usually fixed to a central post and used in bars and cocktail lounges.

Types of Wooden Stools

Wooden Bar StoolsWooden Bar Stools Wooden stools can fit in any corner of home. Sometimes they are used for footrest in the form of footstool and at other times the decorative carved wood stools are used as an element of home decor. The wooden stools are made in all- beech, cherry, teak, white-washed, black or white wood finishes. Not only homes, these wooden stools are widely utilized for residential, commercial, institutional or industrial purposes. Some of the common types of wooden stools are bar stools; step stools; counter stools; and kitchen stools.

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