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Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden Bar Stools Wooden bar stools are great for bars & restaurants. They are an important part of wood hotel furniture or wood restaurant furniture. These stools have also become popular in homes when they are used in the bar area of a room. Wooden bar stools are also seen in kitchens and living rooms. Wood provides the elements of comfort and affordability to make bar stools an excellent salable product. Wood bar stools are becoming very popular because they are available in a wide variety of styles that are very appealing and actually accentuate the look of a room. Bar stools allow for a higher view when drinking, eating, or socializing. Wood bar stools have now become a trendy piece of wood furniture. They also maximize the room space since they only occupy a small area.

Types of Wood Used in Wood Bar Stools

Wood frequently used for manufacturing bar stools are shesham, cedar, teak, mahogany, cherry, oak, walnut etc. You can also know in details in our section on Types of Wood.

Height of Bar Stools

The normal seat height for a bar stool is 30". The stool that is used in kitchen is ususlly with a height of 26", as it used against a kitchen coutertop. There are extra tall wooden bar stools, specially used in commercial settings. These are 36" in height and they create a striking visual effect when used with tall bar tables in modern interiors.

Wooden Bar Stools Features

Wood bar stools are manufactured under different constructions. They can be with or without armrests, backrest, and padding on the seat surface. The padding on the bar seat is made of varied fabrics with foam of synthetic fiber filling giving a soft, cushioning effect. Some padding materials are leather, vinyl, plastic and waterproof fabric. Extra tall and extra short are common features found in bar stools. There can be indoor bar stools and outdoor bar stools. In commercial locations like hotels and restaurants, swivel and floor mounted bar stools are used. Thus, wooden bar stools adopt various styles and forms including counter stools, pub stools, and swivel stools.

Designs and Finishes on Wood Barstools

Bar stools can range from basic wooden designs to extremely detailed ones with a custom height for the perfect fit. These are available in several finishes like as painting, waxing, oiling or varnishing. This allows the stool to have a glossy or matte finish and also protects the stool from termites, thereby making the stool to last for a long time. Colors such as black, natural, brown are very common in wood bar stools. There is a wide selection of both finished and unfinished wooden bar stools, in a variety of styles and sizes. Wooden barstools are upholstered in variety of luxurious fabrics to provide ultimate comfort. These bar stools are built to last and can also prove to be an excellent tall bar for kitchen counters. Many Choices are available in wood finishes and fabric seats.

Whether for home or restaurants or for any outdoor events, the wooden barstools should be cozy and adjustable. People who sits on them should be comfortable on their legs, back and hips. You can opt for any style from rustic to country look to contemporary designs. You can also find modern wooden bar stools that have a western look, that can be deigned using saddle seats, tree trunks or other styles derived from nature. These are perfect to give your home that rustic appeal. A wood bar stool in the corner of any room indeed gives an elite touch in your home. Know the functionality of the bar stools before purchasing one. Depending on their use, you may require bar stools with a high back or backless, swivel or non-swivel. You can also opt for stools with arm rests and other upholstery that come with them. Always make sure that anyone who will sit on your wooden bar stool should feel comfortable, whether they are watching a game or settling for dinner or having a drink.


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