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Wooden beds are the most important bedroom furniture, which is mainly used for the purpose of sleeping. Wood beds are essentially bed frames consisting of a "headboard", "side rails", and "footboard" or "front rail".

Wooden Bed Frames

A bed frame or bedstead is that part of a bed which is used to position a mattress off the floor. Wooden bed frames are the most popular ones since ancient times till the present day. A bed frame of most of the single beds, is made up of headboards, footboards, and sideboards. Most double beds including queen and king size beds also have some type of center support rails. Sometimes these large beds have extra feet too that extend down to the floor. Headboards and footboards can be made of any types of wood which can further be stained, painted, or covered with fabric or leather.

Bed Sizes

Most of the wooden beds come in standardized sizes for the convenience of finding the right sized mattresses. However, customized beds can be made to specific orders. The most common types of beds in standard sizes are Twin /Single Beds; Full/Double Beds; Queen Beds; and King Beds. The standard bed size accross different parts of world has been given in the following table.

Standard Bed Sizes (width × length)
N. America[1] Australia UK / Ireland Europe / Latin America
Twin / Single 39 × 75 in
3'3" × 6'3"
99 × 191 cm
36 × 75 in
3' × 6'3"
91 × 191 cm
35 × 79 in
~2'11.43" × ~6'6.74"
90 × 200 cm
Full / Double 54 × 75 in
4'6" × 6'3"
137 × 191 cm
55 × 79 in
~4ft 7.12in × ~6'6.74"
140 × 200 cm
(US/Aus) Queen
(UK/Ire) King
60 × 80 in
5' × 6'8"
152 × 203 cm
60 × 78 in
5' × 6'6"
152 × 198 cm
63 × 79 in
5'3" × ~6'6.74"
160 × 200 cm
(US/Aus) King
(UK/Ire) Super King
76 × 80 in
6'4" × 6'8"
193 × 203 cm
72 × 80 in
6' × 6'8"
183 × 203 cm
72 × 78 in
6' × 6'6"
183 × 198 cm
71 × 79 in
~5'11" × ~6'6.74"
180 × 200 cm
Source: wikipedia.org

Types of Beds

Wooden Platform Storage Bed Wooden Platform Storage Bed Depending upon the functionality and usage, beds can be categorized into many types.

Platform Beds

Platform bedshave a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface which is meant to support just a mattress. Platform beds give firm cushioning. As they have the support of slats or solid paneling, they do not need a box spring or a mattress foundation. The design of platform beds itself give adequate support to the mattress. Read more at Wooden Platform Beds Designs and Styles

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are very popular wooden furniture, specially designed to solve problem in modern homes. A sofa cum bed looks like a sofa or a couch but can be easily transformed into a bed (single or double) as and when required. A futon differs from a sofabed, although sofa beds using futon mattresses are common. Check out more information on Wooden Sofa Beds

Four Poster Beds

A four poster bed has four vertical columns at each corner, used to support the tester or the upper panel of the bed. This is one of the popular wooden antique furniture. Many antique four poster beds dating 16th century and earlier can be found in the homes of art lovers. In earlier times, the tester was used to hold bed curtains but the modern day four poster beds are used for draping mosquito nets or some exquisite fabrics for giving romantic look to any bedroom.

Storage Beds

Some platform beds have drawers under the bed frame to be used as storage space. The storage may be placed beneath the side rails or may include drawers incorporated into the footboard of the bed. Some of such storage platform beds have retractable storage headboard units. This type of beds provide deep storage.

Bunk Beds

Wooden Bunk Bed Wooden Bunk Bed In bunk beds, one bed frame is stacked on top of another. There may be three tiers of a bunk bed too. This way, more than one person can sleep on the bed that needs lesser floor space. These beds are commonly used in ships and in army garrisons or in places like dormitories, summer camp cabins, hostels, prison cells, or university residence halls. Bunk beds are most popular kids beds. Read more at Wood Bunk Beds

Futon Beds

Futons are traditional style of Japanese bedding consisting of padded mattresses and quilts that can be folded and stored away during the day. The modern wooden futon beds have major differences in the sense that they are always placed on a wood bed frame for dual use as a bed and a chair or couch. The frame, generally, folds in the middle letting the futon to be used as a couch and flattens to be used as a bed. Read more at Wooden Futons

Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed has a multi-hinged lying surface which can be adjusted to a number of different positions. The upper body can be inclined and the lower body can be raised independently of each other. Height of the bed can also be adjusted and it can be tilted as well to raise the upper body or the lower body. They are mostly used as hospital beds as the patients who can not move by themselves can be comfortably dealt with while lying on an adjustable bed.

Camp Beds

A camp bed or a cot is a small portable, lightweight bed used in place of permanent beds, usually as outdoor furniture. They consist of a folding lightweight wood frame and are covered with canvas, linen or nylon. Therefore, they can also be termed as folding beds. Camp beds are generally used by armies or government organizations for their outdoor activities.

Canopy Beds

Wooden Canopy Bed Wooden Canopy Bed A canopy bed is something similar to a four poster bed. It is essentially a decorative bed. A typical canopy bed usually has posts at each of its four corners that extend four feet high or more above the mattress. Ornate or decorative fabric is sometimes draped across the upper space between the posts. A solid swath of cloth may also be used to make a fabric ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed.

Infant Beds

An infant bed, sometimes also called a cot is a small bed specifically meant for the use of infants, generally up to 3 years old. The sides of these beds are too high for a baby to climb and they also do not provide no footholds. This is done to avoid falling of babies from the beds. These beds can be stationary or portable (portacots).

Sleigh Beds

A sleigh bed has curved or scrolled footboard and headboards. As such, they look like a sled or sleigh, thus the name. These typical wooden beds are quite heavy and owe their designs to the empires of ancient Rome and Greece.

Couch Beds

A couch bed is, in fact, a wooden sofa that unfolds into a bed. It is also known as pullout couch, or sleeper sofa.

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