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Wooden Wardrobe

Wooden Wardrobe Wooden Wardrobe no longer only serve storage purpose, they have now become an essential functional home decor furniture. Although many materials are used for making wardrobes, but wooden wardrobe has never lost its coveted position. Most of the people still prefer to have wooden wardrobe as one of their favorite bedroom furniture.

Types of Wooden Wardrobe

A wooden wardrobe furniture is preferred beacause of its durability and quality. Although, the durability and strength of wardrobes depend upon the types of wood used for crafting them. Oak wood wardrobes are the most durable ones. They last for several years, hence those who buy a wardrobe closet for lifelong go for this type of wardrobe. There are many wood which are not so durable to be used for making a wardrobe such as pine but then also many people opt for them just because they want to buy contemporary design of the time. There are different wooden wardrobe designs available that are adorning modern homes today. Broadly categorized wood wardrobes fall under two categories- fitted wardrobes and free standing wardrobes.

» Fitted wardrobes: Also called built in wall, these type of wardrobe designs give an excellent storage option and can be fixed in awkward angles, uneven walls or sloping ceilings. However, fitted closets need to be fixed by an expert hence they can be a bit expensive.

» Free standing wardrobes: These are versatile wood wardrobes in terms of styles, designs and costs, more like wooden cabinets with different hanging and shelving options. They need not to be fitted in wall and can be taken along when moving home.

Types of Built-in Wardrobes

There are three fundamental types of built in wardrobes.

» Fully built in wardrobes:

These wood wardrobes have a base, top, two sides, and a back panel. When its doors are opened, a "fully lined" wardrobe interior is visible. These types of wardrobe designs generally have leveling legs under the floor of the carcase and the doors are hinged from the side panels. Most of these wardrobes are designed to be filled in to the ceiling with a top scribe called 'filler panel' to give a fitted appearance.

fully built wardrobe

» Framed built in wardrobes:

These kind of wardrobe designs usually have a base or floor but no sides or backing panel. They can be built from floor to ceiling at any distance from the back wall. When doors are opened, the back and side walls are visible but these wall can be "lined" if needed. The doors are designed differently by the wood furniture manufacturers. They are hinged either to the side of the frame, or to the front of the frame.

framed built wardrobe

» Sliding door wardrobes:

In these type of wardrobe designs, fitted sliders are generally made as a basic frame with no backing panel. The interiors are then made as carcase furniture and placed behind the sliding doors. Usually a gap of 50mm is left between the doors and the interior sections to avoid dragging of clothes when the doors are opened. Mirrors can be fitted into the doors for making a mirror wardrobe.

sliding door wardrobe
The above described wardrobes are all professionally designed by the manufacturers. However, the standard wood wardrobes can be of no use for some people who design their houses in different ways. They can get custom wardrobes made to order according to their needs. Apart from all these types of wardrobe, their are DIY wardrobe too. The readymade wooden wardrobe can be chosen according to the amount of space available. However, sometimes the parts have to be fixed by the buyers themselves which needs a bit more hard work on their part.

Wooden wardrobe is given a flawless finish and premium polishing, which combines to make it a fabulous furniture. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, wardrobe crafted out in wood matches all the specifications and requirement of the buyers. Apart from storage purpose, the unique wardrobe designs make an excellent item of display.

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