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Sideboard is a very important piece of dining room furniture. It is mainly designed to hold kitchen accessories like plates, decanters, side dishes, etc. A sideboard is traditionally used in dining rooms for the purpose of serving food in style. Its other use includes displaying and storing serving dishes. Sideboards usually consist of a set of cabinet, or cupboard, and one or multiple drawers. The top portion of a sideboard is a flat display surface that is used for conveniently holding food, serving dishes, and even for other decoratives like centerpiece, lighting devices etc. The overall height of the tops of most sideboards approximately reache the waist level.

History of Wooden Sideboard Furniture

The term 'Sideboard' was first used in the Middle Ages as an alternative to “side table.” The term was used to refer to a stepped structure used for displaying valuable kitchen utensils. Some of the earliest sideboards were produced in England, France, Belgium, Scotland and later in America. They were usually made of all types of wood but the popular wood types remained oak, pine and walnut. The initial sideboard designs in the18th century had a basic table shape, often with eight legs. Wood SideboardsIt was first modified to introduce a hollow storage pedestal. This new sideboard design had drawers for keeping napkins, cutlery, etc. below the main surface and between the pedestals. In the latter half of the 18th century many other innovations were made in its design which included a serpentine front, marble top, brass rail at the back etc. This antique furniture also had wine cooler into the main structure in some of the models. Spaces for chamber pots were also provided in the sideboard furniture.

In the early 19th century, sideboards became much heavier in design and now the whole of the lower section was divided into cupboards that extended to the floor. Wood carving was extensively used for decorating them. In the 20th century too, sideboard as dining room furniture remained popular both for decoration and functionality but they were now more simpler just like the antique sideboards of 18th century.

Contemporary Wooden Sideboards

Contemporary Wooden SideboardContemporary Wooden Sideboard The sideboard contemporary furniture is often known as a server. It is usually in geometrical shapes with clear and straight lines. The contemporary lacquered sideboard is one of the most popular designs of modern sideboards. Dark colors are preferred over the lighter ones- red, cherry, dark brown, black are all popular. However, some people also like to have sideboards in antique, oak and maple finishes. One of the most contemporary designs are the wall mounted sideboards – it can be a hardwood sideboard or a lacquered sideboard. Some of the contemporary sideboards may have high legs too and some others can have glass doors on the cupboards for a better display of the utensils. More importantly the modern sideboards are no more only used in dining rooms but also have been accepted as living room furniture where they are used for displaying various collectibles other then kitchen accessories.

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