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Wooden Almirah

Wood Almirah Wooden Almirah is one of the most exported handicraft items of India. The promising work of Wood almirah furniture is famous for its exquisite carvings and design. A number of wooden almirah designs are available for all kind of needs, right from bedroom to office spaces. Now a days these wood almirah furniture designs are even influenced by antique almirahs, that are widely used in modern homes.

Almirah may have single or double door, which is rather elaborately carved or painted or inlayed with copper or brass. Some even have glass or lattice wok doors. It may be shelved or may have hanging space along with the shelves.
The decorative work on the wooden almirah relates it to a particular culture, region and the time period in history and just like other crafts the furniture craft. Made of various types of wood, these wooden almirahs with their varied looks and finishes have always been one of the most sought after furniture item for every houses.

Manufacturing Regions and Their Uniqueness

  • Rajasthan: Jodhpur, Kishangarh and Barmer regions are known for the classic wooden almirahs with delicate latticework. They produce the finest carved almirahs. Ramgarh and Shekhavati regions have the ornamental floral patterns carved intricately. They often have bold angles and brackets of brass or other metals. Rajasthan is as much known for the painted almirahs that had enjoyed royal patronage once. Wood commonly used here is mango, rosewood, babool or rohira wood.

  • Gujarat: Sankheda in Gujarat is known for lacquered almirahs in bright colors and bold geometric and floral patterns. They use indigenously created paints on teakwood furniture.

  • Saharanpur & Hoshiarpur: Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh and Hoshiarpur in Punjab have made a mark in carved and inlayed teak almirah. The almirah are inlayed with marble, bone or brass. It is accompanied by fine carving and latticework. Traditionally they use Shisham i.e. Indian rosewood but now teak and mahogany are as commonly used. Other woods like deodar, walnut and babool are used for bold patterns.

  • Other regions: Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are known for beautifully and brightly painted almirahs. West Bengal is known for painted or carved almirahs with glass doors. Kashmir is known for intricately carved walnut wood almirahs.

Styles of Wooden Almirahs: Cultural Influence on Patterns

Wood Almirah
  • Painted almirahs are often not very tall and can be used as sideboards. Type of painting can give it a tribal to rustic to a magnificent look.

  • Inlay work almirahs are bigger in size and give a delicate appearance. The inlay is often accompanied with delicate carving. They depict the Persian influence.

  • Bold brass inserts speak of the great warrior age of Indian history. These are sturdy almirahs and make a good display of craftsmanship in hard wood. These wardrobe designs give a very elegant appearane in your bedroom.

  • The lattice is the gift of the veil tradition of the Mughal era.

  • The transparency of glass in doors is for the growing awareness in the post Mughal era.
Each almirah gives a unique appearance to the décor and no two almirahs are similar as they are all hand crafted.

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