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Wooden Bookshelves

A bookshelf is an important office furniture. However, it is no less a living room furniture when it comes to a house whose dwellers love to read and display their book collection. Individually handcrafted and hand painted wooden book shelves possess a unique character and charm. They provide a perfect storage solution for office, library, study room, bedroom & living room. A bookshelf helps in organizing and storing a myriad of items that might otherwise clutter up the space. Wooden bookshelves are available in multitude of wood finishes that resist scratches, stains, and burns.

Importance of Book Shelves

Bookshelves are essential to care for the knowledge treasure. The demand for wooden bookshelves has never seen a down time in spite of bookcases available in other materials. Wooden bookshelves go with any kind of home decor- lavish or economical. Not only books, these bookcases display decoratives too in an efficient manner. These cabinets have plenty of shelves to store more books in small area.

Right Wood for Book Shelves

Bookshelves are made with various types of wood. A wood that best matches the room’s interior decoration is what a book case should be made of. The finish of the book case and the probable accessories can match the theme and the colors of the room. If the room mostly has dark wood, then a book case made of dark wood will work well. A mahogany bookcase is what is needed in dark surroundings. It is durable too. On the other hand, if the room has light colored wood furniture, lighter variety of woods should be preferred. An oak bookcase is good for such interiors. Oak is sturdy and reliable wood and it can be used to craft a variety of designs too.

Customized Book Shelves

Sometimes readily available commercial bookcases don't fit large, hardcover photo books or coffee table editions. A customized bookshelf can be an answer to such a situation. Tallness and number of shelves can be made according to the needs of the user for easy access and reference. However, before designing a custom cabinet, the home dwellers should always keep the height and width of the room in consideration. A floor to ceiling bookshelf creates the impression of a higher ceiling. Apart from comfort in using a custom made bookshelf, it can be made to fit in almost any corner or wall where books would be needed. Kitchen cabinets can be built to be used as bookshelves for cookbooks and recipes. A tall narrow cupboard can be designed for office records and references and so on.

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