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Wooden Cupboard

Wooden Cupboards are an important bed room furniture. Not only they are used as storage cabinets but they invariably lend a decorative element to the whole surrounding. Its not that cupboards are found in bed rooms only. There are kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other custom cabinets in one or many corners of the house. All these cupboards are used to store various articles, ranging from cloths, papers to books and other tit bits.

Importance of Wooden Cupboards

Wooden Cupboard is used to store things in a proper, organized manner. Depending on the area of placement, use and need cupboard designs are made. If the cupboard is for kitchen usage then it may have hooks at its sides for hanging kitchen tools or mugs etc. If a cabinet is required for kids' room then it may have multiple drawers for the ease of putting and finding their belongings without much effort. For dining room spaces, wooden cupboards usually have drawers and shelves to store various dining room related products like dinner sets, cups, mugs, cutleries , napkins etc.

Wooden cupboards in the living room are used to keep decorative pieces like flower vases, photo frames etc. Wooden cupboard or wardrobes used in the bedroom are designed to keep clothes and accessories and according can have drawers, shelves and rods for hanging clothes. Wood is the most preferable material for cupboards because wooden cupboards have a distinct charm of their own, which is not seen in other materials.

Wooden Cupboard Designs & Finishes

You find an awesome range of cupboard designs in the market today. Wood is perhaps the first material which was used to make shelves and cabinets. Not only wood is durable, it can be given a variety of designs. Brilliantly colored woods are frequently used by leading craftsmen to create world class cupboards. The majority of the work is still done by hand, creating impressive motifs, beautiful cupboard designs and excellent woodwork. Wooden cupboard tends to be very solid and rustic in nature. However, it can be ornately carved, painted or incorporate with detailed intricacies. Other materials generally used while crafting wooden cupboards are glass, mirrors, bronze and brass. These furniture pieces are available in a variety of wood finishes and their look range from antique to contemporary.

Wooden cupboards that are basically wooden almirah, are usually shelved but can also be adapted to include hanging space. This is done when a wooden wardrobe is made but when something like wooden bookshelves are made, there is no need of providing such hanging space. Wooden cupboards can have simple as well as vividly carved and decorated designs. Interior shelves and drawers of wooden cupboards can be customized as per the need and requirement of the users. This makes them apt for both, ornamental as well as practical purposes.


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The size for custom cabinets is determined depending on the purpose for which the cupboards are used. If it is simply used for storing things, then a simple shelving cupboard that fits in perfectly with the outline of the room, is preferred. However, if the cupboard is used to display decorative items then they are given detailed designs to make them elegant and sophisticated. In such cases, additions like cupboard doors made of glass is attached or the shape of cupboard is made unusual with open shelves in the bottom part and closed ones at the upper part or vice versa.

Wooden cupboard designs mostly depend on the finishes given on them. While earlier, the natural finish was most widely used, today the top coat is coated to transform an unfinished furnace into a furnished furnace to give a more beautiful and attractive look. Some cupboards are stained so as to give a shiny appearance. Glaze finish can be applied over a base paint or stain, which can tinted with any color. Painting wooden cupboards is another option. Besides the wooden cupboards can be varnished or oiled or waxed.

Cupboard designs are wide and varied. From oak finish to maple finish to antique polish, from sliding doors to closed doors, from hanging rods to drawers to shelves, from small to medium to large size, from traditional to contemporary or rustic or Victorian styles, you will find a whole range of wooden cupboard designs in the market today.

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