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Wooden Desks

Wood desks render a flat, smooth surface and are available in a wide range of finishes or with neutral color with a non-reflective finishing. Handcrafted wood items from India are truly unique. This, combined with the unsurpassable skill of the craftsmen, years of experience and innovative techniques, creates the finest wooden desks in the world. The crafting, carving and the finishing may vary depending on the type of wood used..

Styles and Designs

Wooden desks are available in multitude of styles and finishes that suit every need and taste. You can get solid wood desks or the hard wood desks as well as soft wood desks for decorative purpose too. Wood desks are shaped into a large variety of attractive designs. Drawers are always included in desks as they add both utility and value to the desk. Modular wooden desks are also available that permit flexibility in design and layout and are widely used as wooden office tables. Nowadays, most wood furniture manufacturers design wooden desks with matching wooden desk chairs. Both the furniture sets are credited with flexibility and function. The desk chairs provide everyday seating needs in office or institutes. Wooden desk chairs, with wood desks created by efficient carpenters, make all the difference in the work place or at home as they make a wonderful display, depiction fashion with fucntionality.

Types of Wood Used in Wood Desks

There are various types of wood used in the making of desks. The popular ones are
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Rosewood
  • Walnut etc.

Wholesale Wooden Desk Manufacturers, Suppliers

We cater to the needs of wholesale wood desks through our vast directory of wooden desk manufacturers and suppliers. Fill up this simple enquiry form to get competitive quotes from pre verified wood desk manufacturers and suppliers.

Types of Wooden Desks

There are various types of desks that include office desks, secretary desks, executive desks, corner desks, L-shaped and U-shaped desks. Whether you need a wood computer desk, or a office desk or a kids desk, there are lots of options and styles to choose from. A poorly designed or located desk can have a significant effect on the work environment, thus special attention must be granted to the adjustability, keeping in mind the different sizes of the users.

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