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Wooden Garden Benches

Wooden Garden Benches Wooden garden benches are the perfect piece of furniture for any garden. Whether your garden is large or small, a bench in the garden will allow you to sit and relax in the beautiful surroundings around you. Wood garden benches, or park benches are elegant, robust and practical and can enhance the look of any garden settings. Benches are constructed of environmentally harvested wood with fine furniture details to prevent moisture penetration.

Types of Wood Used in Garden Benches

It is always better to go for high quality wood in wooden benches as the outdoor benches have to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Wooden garden benches can be made from a variety of woods, which include Teak, Cedar, Redwood, Cypress etc. Each type of wood offers its own unique properties. Teak wood garden benches are considered to be the most expensive but it is worth the investment.

Wood Garden Benches Styles and Finishes

There are wide variety of styles of garden benches, which make it easy to find one that will fit perfectly with your garden. Today wooden benches are part of garden decor not only in residential houses, but also in commercial areas like parks, schools, hotels, malls, bus stops and other areas. Wood garden benches are designed to be durable and weather resistant. The benches may have classical curved wooden designs. Or they are available in sleek, contemporary patterns. You will also find natural rustic wood benches. There are also animal garden benches featuring turtles, bears, and lions as well as many other decorative wooden benches.

The range of benches designed for gardens include deck benches, lawn benches, and the benches that wrap around trees. The designs and the carvings are often etched on the back of benches, which gives a remarkable appearance. Garden benches are made in a huge range of styles and finishes, along with appropriate smoothing and polishing. The benches can also be custom made in any size and as per individual designs and specifications.

The innovative styles in these benches offering comfort and beauty are designed and crafted by the expert artisans. The garden benches enhance the look of the garden besides offering a functional seating arrangement for comfort and relaxation.


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